Rome: Total War Alexander Mod, Movie (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Battle Scenarios 1 1,808 399.22 MB May 7, 2010
General Mods 5 3,073 1,026.77 MB May 6, 2013
All Mods 8 10,784 1,899.90 MB May 6, 2013
Classical Age Total War - Total War Alexander Mod- Online Battle 5

Classical Age Total War - Rome Total War Mod catw a mode with the latest and the best graphics and i think we are making the first presentation at youtube .Contains both the historical elements, as well as ease gameplay and graphics capabilities reason th

Mod added: 06.05.2013 | catw.wmv | 130.37 MB | 25 downloads

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Classical Age Total War - Total War Alexander Mod- Online Battle

Rome Total War Mod '' Classical Age Total War '' Online Battle 4 . I command Thrakie - Thracians my opponent Pertevnial command Karthadast - Carthage .

Mod added: 06.05.2013 | catw.wmv | 130.37 MB | 1 downloads

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DarthMod Rome v9.0.1 Alexander addon

Enhances only the Alexander expansion with DarthMod Gameplay and AI

Mod added: 26.11.2012 | DarthMod Rome v9.0.1 Alexander Addon Installer.exe | 285.20 MB | 1421 downloads

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300 Warlords of Sparta

Inspired by the legend of Leonidas and the brave 300. You can control a 'Spartan' led Greek alliance in a war to liberate Greece, or bring the children of Hellas to heel leading the dark forces of the Persian Empire!

Mod added: 14.11.2012 | 300WoS.exe | 195.64 MB | 804 downloads

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DarthMod Rome 9.0 (Alexander Addon)

Enhances only the Alexander expansion with DarthMod Gameplay and AI.

Mod added: 14.11.2012 | DarthMod_Rome_v90_Alexander_Addon_Installer.exe | 285.20 MB | 822 downloads

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Aristeia: The Epic Cycle

Full new release of aristeia featuring: 1) New Improved Lighting 2) New provincial campaign - Cypria 3) New provincial campaign - Iliad 4) New portraits 5) A few new units and some partial re-skins of old units 6) Revised balancing 7) Further bug

Mod added: 15.06.2010 | Aristeia_TEC.exe | 390.77 MB | 4409 downloads

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Aristeia 1.1

Aristeia is a vision of the trojan war era and is based on the famous story from the epic cycle from which the Iliad has secured its place among the most important works in western literature. Aristeia attempts to be an enjoyable stylised representation o

Mod added: 26.04.2010 | Aristeia_11.exe | 399.22 MB | 1808 downloads

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Gods and Fighting Men

A mod centered on Ireland. Features include a modified map, new models and textures, a new "auto-resolve balancing technique" and more. See File Details for all the info you should need.

Mod added: 25.02.2008 | GAFM_public_build_1.exe | 83.13 MB | 1494 downloads

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Minute and a half of footage from the Rome: Total War expansion pack Alexander.

Movie added: 20.06.2006 | alx_trailer_eu.wmv | 18.57 MB | 275 downloads

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