Rome: Total War Alexander Review (PC)

Alexander the Great, one of the most brilliant general in the Western civilization is being relived in this second expansion of the Total War Series, Rome: Total War – Alexander. This downloadable addition to the Total War series features fast-paced action that will bring you along the journey through the life and achievements of Alexander the Great, one of the more brilliant generals of his time.

Before going to battle, learn to think and acts like the greatest general of the Western Civilization, Alexander the Great
The game introduces 4 new facts in this expansion pack. One fact is the Indians, who go to battle strong with war elephants and numerous bowmen

Real-time epic scale battles and historic setting with focus on details make the Rome expansion pack a worthwhile addition to the Total War series.

It starts off with the impressive Shogun: Total War, where the promise of a journey to the Western Civilization initiates. It builds up the excitement in the Medieval: Total War. Finally, it makes a full turn into the third expansion pack, the downloadable Rome: Total War, which features the brilliance of the general, Alexander the Great.

This boosts the exciting Total War games by adding as much as 30 hours of fun by introducing 4 new factions:

The Macedonians, they are people, who are willing to kill and go to battle in combination with heavy phalanxes and strong companion cavalry. Their fighting spirits make up for their weakness in force.

The Persians, they control the waters with strong port towns and very strong troops of all types. They also seek assistance from mercenary troops that add to their power on the battlefield.

The Indians, they are difficult to tackle because of its many bowmen, war elephants and charioteers.

The Barbarians, they begin outside the Macedonian to hurt enemies with their sickle men and skirmishers.

This game is also available with more than 60 new units including Persian scythed chariots, elite immortals and the famous units from Alexander’s faction such as hypaspists, phalangists and companion cavalry.

Tackling the enemies is not really such an easy task because you fight against your enemies while ensuring that in 100 turns, you will need to end a campaign. Quick thinking and reflexes may thus be necessary to ensure victory in the battlefield.

As Alexander, you will need to en a campaign in 100 turns with a limited time. However, do not despair, you will learn to speed up you pace by keeping pace with the adrenalin rush in this action packed game The companion cavalry in Alexander’s troop will boost your chances of being victorious in numerous battles

Players of Rome: Total War – Alexander needs to learn tactical abilities because most of their factions are faced with being outnumbered almost all the time. Tactics may come to play most of the game. Strategic maneuvers may not be as much use if you are slow, because you may lose many of your men in that fast-paced actions in this downloadable Total War expansion pack.

Having enough number of armies fighting on your side will ensure you can go through any campaign.

As the game progress, oppositions will get tougher. This may sound bad for your campaign; however, players often prove they learn more of Alexander’s ability facing all the enemies as he goes on the battlefield.

If you want to ensure you will not allow the action to go on a screeching halt, you may train to think and act like Alexander the Great through the six new historical missions available in this expansion pack.

It chronicles some of Alexander’s key battle, giving you enough hints on how to best face the enemies on the battlefield. These historical missions will thus help you understand the game more and be able to fully enjoy the battles as it unfolds during the game.

Whether playing against the AI or on a multiplayer mode, Rome: Total War – Alexander will prove to be fun-filled and exciting. It will keep you in your sit longer than you probably thought you would.

The journey through time and taking part in the war that started from Macedonia to Greece using the new campaign map will add to the effectiveness of this tactical game.

To add thrill to the tactical maneuvers and fast paced action in Rome: Total War – Alexander, the excellent graphics of this game and the well-written plot will keep you wanting for more.

As if all these developments in this Total War expansion pack is not enough, the developer add excitement by providing high-quality movies featuring the voice of Brian Blessed. He is the talented actor seen on Flash Gordon, Alexander and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Playing alone or with your friends, the availability of using varying modes set-ups such as 1v1, 2v2 and 3v1 will keep you in awe.

This third addition to the Total War series promised to give boost to the exciting on-line gaming, it did not. It gave the Total War series a wonderful mark by topping the scale of being one of the best online games ever to grace the cyber world.

The Macedonian, one of the additional factions in this game is another hard to beat faction because their weakness in force is compensated by their ready to kill attitude Barbarians, another new faction in Rome: Total War intends to beat the enemies with their sickle men and skirmishers

Complete the Total War series by adding this downloadable expansion pack, Rome: Total War – Alexander and enjoy hours after hours of historical journey and action packed gaming.

Top of game moment:
I love the combat skills of the general; it makes me feel superior in the battlefield. This game makes me want to know more about the Western Civilization; I actually watched all the movies that make me more excited in playing the game again and again.

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