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Make sure that you have a clean copy of Rome Total War and Barbarian Invasion.
Barbarian Invasion must be patched to version 1.6 before you install the mod!
Please note: not all copies of RTS Gold are patched to 1.6. To check your version number
launch your Barbarian Invasion game and go into options and check number in top right hand corner.
If it does not say 1.6 please visit the official Total War site at to obtain the necessary patch.

Launch the installer and browse to direct it to your Rome - Total War directory. Path in installer should look like:
C:\program files\activision\Rome - Total War
or your equivalent (do not include \bi or \data in the file path), run installer.
A dos window will open at the end of the installation, this is essential as it needs to copy some original BI files into your mod-folder, do not close the window until the words "press any key to continue" appear at the bottom of the window.

NB: If you install to wrong folder, DO NOT attempt to manually copy files to correct position, you will be missing various original BI files which are required for the game to run. If you have installed to wrong folder simply delete the eod2 folder and run installer again pointed at correct directory.


The individual campaigns for the main factions give you a while to get established. The start is meant to be relatively easy, please don't assume that will continue for long. Take advantage of this time and use it wisely, or else you may be in trouble later!

The campaign is balanced to be played on large (not huge) unit size and Wolfish / Wolfish difficulty levels.
Please play with 'No Advice' selected.

The default installation includes a background script, this adds garrisons to a limited number of settlements and spawns some additional defending armies when you start to invade the main factions starting positions. The script launches automatically when you start a new campaign. To re-start the script when you reload a game, click on any unit or settlement then click on the advisor's portrait which comes up and then the show-me button.

If you'd prefer to run without the script or have difficulties with it, please see the EODII_options folder which will be installed in your bi folder, optional files in that folder will disable the script, please see the options readme provided.

If you want the start of the game speeded up a bit, a year jump script (by Epistolary Richard) is included,
to launch that click on the advisor button in one of your settlements construction screens during the first turn.
Please note that the AI might leave you in a more difficult position when control is returned to you!


Halie Satanus (Satanea Juda) - mod and map concept, 3D and 2D artwork including units, story line, descriptions & music.
Makanyane - map implementation and battle map modification, general coding and mod build.

Thanks to our fans and forum contributors especially those that contributed to quotes and traits, including; preston, ME2_junky, Lysander13, Celtic Champion, Elohim, WImPyTjeH, zedestroyer, christof139, Sir Dinadan, yourefired.
For work on testing to: Garbarsardar & Tom Paine, and special thanks to our most persistent testers:
Kamos32, ReignTerror, Charge and margio.

To all our fellow modders for research, tutorials, assistance and inspiration, most especially to; drak10687, Muizer, Red Spot, Zephrelial, Duke John, Atilius, Bardo, Wlesmana, Charge (for coding advice as well as testing), Palantir/DolGuldur (for installer method and answering Mak's silliest questions), Anallein (for pointing the way to finally finding script problem) & Spirit of Rob (for that model).

Things specifically used and abused by Mak;
Darth Vaders open source formations (from which bridge formation is included),
Horse Archers SkyMod (used as initial basis - now very mangled!) ,
Character Names Project for M2TW (names borrowed and mangled!)
Epistolary Richard's Year Jump Mod

An ESPECIALLY MASSIVE THANKS to Hoggy and the Blue Lotus team for allowing use of various elements from their wonderful mod, notably including the walls on which the Lycan and Severin large walls were based, the large cannon models and various other unit models which we've used and edited for EOD II: Lycan Rising, we are eternally grateful. Visit the Blue Lotus forums at the Org: to see their original work.

Thanks to riczu74 for permission to use and abuse his trade ship models. His full strat map mod is highly recommended and is available here.

Thanks also for the Rancor (head) which is an open source model created by;
Zachary Brackin (Limb welding, MAX textures, Biped)
Tom Miller (BIP author) For the Rancor (head) model
And can be found here;

Massive thanks to Brother Shogo for his kindness in allowing the use of the units from his unreleased mod The Crescent and the Cross.

And finally many thanks to the Fourth Age Total War team for the armoured horse model used by the Vampyre Succubus Cavalry, Talamasca and Denzim mounted knights.

Also of course thanks to CA and Sega for producing and distributing such a great game to start with, and for their support to the modding community.


Permission will probably be granted for use of components, but please contact us first, so we know where they are going, and to check they are not elements that we do not have permission to redistribute.
Halie Satanus
or Makanyane


When you start a new campaign the background script loads automatically. While its doing that you will see the advisor appear briefly with a speech bubble telling you its loading.

You do not need to press anything at this stage, the advisor disappears automatically, do not worry if you don't notice this happening it is quite quick.

When you re-load a saved campaign as soon as you select a city or army the advisor pops up. Click on the centre of the advisor and it will give you a reminder about launching the script, press the show-me how button to launch the script.

OPTIONAL (beware of starting this one by mistake!):
On the first turn of a new campaign for the main factions you can use Epistolary Richard's year jump script to automatically advance 15 years into the campaign. To trigger the advance script click the advisor button in a settlement construction screen:

follow the instructions the advisor gives you and click the show-me how button:


General Info:
Each of the main races have their own religion and culture, the wolven culture of the Lycans and the heathen religion of the majority of the rebels will not cause any unrest to other races. If you try and take over a settlement loyal to one of the Vampyre races or the Talamasca though you will have problems subduing them.

Each major race has its own temple type and some other unique buildings, if you take over a settlement where these are already built you may find there are some advantages in retaining them. Generals exposed to more of a foreign culture may become more tolerant, spies and agents may learn more about the enemy, beware though, your generals may also become confused or worse. Amongst the things that can be gained from residing in a settlement with enemy buildings are a number of useful recruits (or ancillaries) who may choose to join your general or agents. If your generals do acquire helpers beware of removing them to pass on to others, your generals may not be happy if deprived of their retinue.

You will be joining the war during a lull in the fighting, settlements have been depleted during previous battles and need re-building. Various rebel tribes have taken advantage of the lull in hostilities and occupied large tracts of land, they will need to be dealt with before you take on your main opponents.

Special buildings:
Sanctum of the Ancients:

Can be built in regions with the sacred blood resource, upgrades armour ratings and the health of the population.

Crypt and Mausoleum:

Can be built in regions with the sacred earth resource, provide a safe and peaceful resting place during the day, hence improving health and happiness. If another race take over these buildings they can be barricaded and used to imprison the vampyres caught resting there, thus improving the enemies health as well!

Beast Pit:

Many vile and unholy creatures walk this cursed land yet a wise leader can harness their power. A beast pit can be constructed in Metatron, Tebtunis and Pr-Bastet to recruit Yagrazil; at Yunu, Zanad, Abydos, Heracleum or Kahun hybrid monsters can be trained. (Lycans can also construct this building)

Characteristics: The Severin are mixed blood Vampyres, less sophisticated than the Rahala but more numerous.

Starting settlements: Tir~Na, Pr~Bastet, Ser~Basen, Pr~Faig, Ser~Rah, To~She, Tir~Sallos & Hanzi
Leader: Valefore
Religion: Black Veil, temples help improve armour ratings and make population more law abiding.

Units: In the Severin campaign in order to recruit the highest Severin unit the 'Ancients' you need to first trigger the re-birth of the ancients event. To do this you must build the Crucible government building in either Yunu, To~She or Tallos.

Characteristics: The Rahala are pure blood Vampyres, the true elite of the night breeds. Their fighting tactics are more advanced than other races but they have fewer numbers.

Starting settlements: Metatron, Menes, Rajah, Erebus & Hiero~Sitl.
Leader: Amshur has just been killed by Akashan who takes control of the nation.
Religion: Setite, temples help improve happiness and trade.

Units: The 'Ancients' unit is available only in regions with the sacred blood resource. Metatron and the surrounding isle has some advantages in being able to recruit Denzim heavy troops.

Characteristics: The Lycans have long suffered under the yolk of Vampyric rule and many failed rebellions have taken a deep toll on their nation, now a new leader has given them hope.

Starting settlements: Lycaos~Tor, Lycan~Tra, Fir~Reneh, Fir~Meneh, Fendras, Nagada
Leader: Lucian
Special Buildings:
Wolfsbane Farm

Can be constructed in regions with the wolfsbane resource, improves population health and trade income.
Beast Pit

Many vile and unholy creatures walk this cursed land yet a wise leader can harness their power.

Religion: Wolven - more of a culture than a religion although the Lycans do worship at temples in honour of Lycaos the first king of the Lycan nation.

Characteristics: The Talamascans are a secretive Christian order driven by fanatical leaders and a desire to kill what they do not understand.

Starting settlements: Karanis, Kahun, Versghala, Edfu, Tmn~Hor
Leader: Kerin, has taken control of the Talamasca after the death of Etrigan.
Special Buildings:
Garlic Fields

Can be constructed in regions with the garlic resource, provides armour upgrades and improves population health and trade income.
Sacred Well

Can be constructed in regions with the holy water resource, provides weapon upgrades and improves population health and trade income.

Religion: Talamascan - a way of life more than a religion, the Talamascans are sworn to vengeance and to the complete destruction of the night breeds, lore passed down by Talamasca elders helps them in their task. Being true to his oath of vengeance is important for a Talamascan leader, withdrawing in the face of battle is seen as breaking the oath and should be avoided whenever possible.

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