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Authors: FATW Team

The Fourth Age: Total War The New Shadow v2.6 patch

This new patch contains many new fixes, features, and improvements, including extensive UI revision by Argent Usher and quite a few balance tweaks.

List of changes introduced with 2.6:

* Auto-resolve balance system implemented
* Major UI and 2d revision by Argent Usher
* New Loading Screens
* Formations tweaked (yet again) to improve AI's usage of missile troops
* Start-map tweaks including Rhun army placement, tweaked FC and DF settlement tags, small tweaks to the map files and correction of wrongly placed "lead" resource
* Numerous ancillaries and traits fixes, including: typo fixes, Self-Maimed chances cut in half, Prim trait now anti-trait both ways to Cultist, CultMember, UnderTheShadow and many more
* Evil mannish recruitment fixed for Ad.
* New descriptions for Dwraven, Elven, Barding units
* Morale increased for horde and orcish units
* Settler costs increased
* Included gloss files for Guards of the Citadel
* New Diversification Building for Rohan
* Meduseld and terracing new building images
* stat_fire_dealy set to 0 for all units, impoving charge behaviour
* Assassins reinstated for 'good' factions
* Unit voices for Shadow Riders and Dark Companions
* EDU correction for Dwarven Bowmen
* Fixed a quote typo
* Mordor battlemap textures rescaled for better performance
* New blank rebel buttons
* Conversion rates for homelands decreased for the first 2 shadow temple levels
* Building constructed event text edited for Rk and Ad.

Installation Instructions (.rar version):

Extract the contents of FATW_TNS_patch_2.6.rar you just downloaded to your Rome directory where you installed TNS (this is normally C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War, or - if you have Gold Edition - C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War). Accept when it asks you to overwrite. You can now click on the TNS shortcut on your desktop, and continue to play!

TNS patch 2.6 IS cumulative.
TNS patch 2.6 is NOT save-game compatible.

*Note that if you have 2.0 installed you MUST first apply fix patch 2.1 and 2.2 before applying this patch. Users with 2.0b should not apply 2.1 or 2.2 as they are already incorporated into 2.0b, instead just apply this new 2.6 patch. All hotfixes are already included in 2.6 and so it does not matter if you already have them installed or not.

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