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Authors: The FATW Team

Requires: TNS 2.0b & AND TNS 2.6

The Fourth Age: Total War The New Shadow - Wars of Men pack is now ready for download. The Wars of Men package includes the files for 7 campaigns (1 main and 6 faction-specific) for players that seek even more challenge when playing The New Shadow. Each faction-specific campaign is custom-tailored to make life harder for the player using every means available to us evil modders. In that package included are also 7 videos; the mod's main intro (placeholder currently) and 6 faction intros, 1 for each campaign.

List of tweaks included in each Wars of Men custom campaign:

* increased the morale of all enemy units
* decreased the morale of all player units
* increased the player's units costs
* lowered the cost of expensive enemy units
* tweaked the cost of certain units, to make AI have more lore-accurate armies.
* remove the recruitable general ability from non-player-faction units, make them Veteran class, adjusted their stats, so that the AI does recruit them
* decreased the sec (auto-resolve balance) hps of player-faction's units

* removed the ability to train diplomats and settlers from all AI factions
* give RGUs exp tweaked in the recruitment lines
* reduced cost and time of non-player-faction DBs
* increased cost and time of player-faction DBs
* give AI faction bonuses
* MEZoR bonuses taken 1 level back for player faction
* Various other loyalty/happiness/law bonuses/penalties tweaked in the player's disfavour
* Disabled militia units where others are available for AI factions

* changed the religion of near-the-player regions in his disfavour

* locked the other factions
* decreased the starting treasury of the player's faction
* removed all non-player-controlled diplomats to restrict the breaking of alliances
* changed the starting relationships and core attitudes of factions
* changed the setup of armies.
* changed the setup of ships.

* text changes to be on par with the rest of the changes

* visual changes to be on par with the selected faction

Installation Instructions (.rar version):

Extract the contents of FATW_TNS_WoM.rar you just downloaded to your Rome directory where you installed TNS (this is normally C:Program FilesActivisionRome - Total War, or - if you have Gold Edition - C:Program FilesThe Creative AssemblyRome - Total War). Accept when it asks you to overwrite. Then make a shortcut for the FATW_campaign_swap.bat file on your desktop. You can now use that shortcut to play Wars of Men. (The shortcut you already have for the "plain" TNS will still work.)

TNS WoM IS save-game compatible with 2.6 save-games. (savegames of the All-factions campaign only)

Save games:
We have implemented a system that will store your save-games in appropriate folders when you exit WoM. Also, the plain 2.6 campaign and the All-factions WoM campaign are identical. So you can continue your campaign from 2.6 on WoM's Main campaign or you can play your Main campaign using the 2.6 plain version of TNS.

*Note that if you have 2.0 installed you MUST first apply fix patch 2.1 and 2.2 before applying this patch. Users with 2.0b should not apply 2.1 or 2.2 as they are already incorporated into 2.0b, instead just apply this new 2.6 patch. All hotfixes are already included in 2.6 and so it does not matter if you already have them installed or not.

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