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03 Feb 2014


ReROLL is the promise of the ultimate Survival Action-RPG in a true open world setting. To subsist, you need to eat, rest, exercise, learn, fight but most of all find all the different ways to survive!

In ReROLL, your characters are always active in the world. Using the activity tracker directly in the game or via your mobile...
Genre: RPG
16 Mar 2013

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. We're a small independent team of hardcore gamers based in New Zealand and have created Path of Exile as the game that we'd want to play ourselves. It is designed around a strong barter-based online item economy, deep character customisation, competitive PvP and...
Genre: RPG
08 Mar 2013

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues

Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
Genre: RPG
26 Feb 2013

Mass Effect 3: Reckoning

The fifth and final multiplayer expansion pack.
Genre: RPG
05 Apr 2012

Dark Blood

In a world torn apart by power and greed, the sacrifice of four fallen heroes will drive their descendants to master a mysterious force, the last hope in defeating the insidious evil that consumes their universe.
Genre: RPG
16 Aug 2011

Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter

A multiplayer roleplaying game set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.
Genre: RPG
14 Jul 2010

Stellar Dawn

Stellar Dawn is an MMO with deep and compelling science fiction storylines and a variety of gameplay styles. The game, which is scheduled for release next year, will offer players the opportunity to explore vast worlds of futuristic environments and engage with an extensive backstory as they progress through the game.

As with all...
Genre: RPG
20 Mar 2009

Camon Hero

Card summoning MMORPG based in a colorful fantasy world.
Genre: RPG
19 Mar 2009

Vanilla Gate

MMO offering eight player battles in a cutesy environment.
Genre: RPG
19 Mar 2009

Ether Sage Online

MMORPG based on the Chinese book Journey to the West.
Genre: RPG
17 Mar 2009

NEO Online

MMORPG where your ultimate goal is to become a legend in the game's world.
Genre: RPG
16 Mar 2009

Rohan: Blood Feud

Fantasy MMORPG originating in Kora.
Genre: RPG
10 Mar 2009

Titan Online

Genre: RPG
19 Feb 2009

Legends of Qin

Chinese MMORPG coming stateside.
Genre: RPG
18 Feb 2009

Valkyrie Sky

MMO side-scrolling RPG shoot em up.
Genre: RPG
26 Jan 2009


Free to play 2D MMORPG based in a steampunk styled world. Player's can create characters and participate in player made quests.
Genre: RPG
23 Jan 2009

Raid Online

More information soon.
Genre: RPG
22 Jan 2009

Dragonica Online

Dragonica is a free to play, arcade-style 3D sidescrolling MMORPG. It uses a micro-transaction based cash shop.
Genre: RPG
22 Jan 2009

Freaky Creatures

Fantasy MMORPG where the player can build their own strange creature to fight against other players.
Genre: RPG
19 Jan 2009

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Free fantasy based MMORPG where player can choose between one of two warring factions, the Magmar or the Humans. Players can embark on quests and engage in duels and large scale battles utilizing the game's intuitive combat system.
Genre: RPG
16 Jan 2009

Free Realms

Free MMORPG that Sony that offers lighthearted adventures for people of all ages.
Genre: RPG
14 Jan 2009

2029 Online

MMORPG set in a war torn future.
Genre: RPG
13 Jan 2009

AIKA Online

Fantasy MMORPG promising 1000 vs 1000 large scale battles.
Genre: RPG
13 Jan 2009

Flyff: Fly for Fun

MMORPG where players can fly around a colorful, imaginary world seeking adventure and catching monsters.
Genre: RPG
12 Jan 2009

Nostale: Global

Based in the world of East Mile Nostale: Global is an online fantasy game.
Genre: RPG
08 Jan 2009

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Online RPG developed in unison with Grigon Entertainment and Cartoon Network.
Genre: RPG
07 Jan 2009

Dream of Mirror Online

Free to play MMORPG with an anime style and a heavy focus on teamwork.
Genre: RPG
06 Jan 2009

Last Chaos

Free to play MMORPG based in a fantasy world.
Genre: RPG
02 Jan 2009

Tears Saga

Online RPG in which the player controls individual bodyparts with mouse movements.
Genre: RPG
19 Dec 2008

Dungeon Party

Free, team centered online RPG.
Genre: RPG
12 Jun 2008

City of Heroes - Issue 12: Midnight Hour

City of Heroes Issue 12, developed and published by NCsoft, brings the Midnight Squad out of the lore and into the game. The Midnight Squad is the clandestine organization of mystics, scholars and mages who hold a secret that could bring the alien group, the Rikti, to its knees. Players are encouraged to help the Midnight Squad uncover the...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.7
24 Apr 2008

Lineage II: Hellbound

Hellbound increases the game’s level capacity to 85, and adds significant quests and skills. Players finally get the chance to best the diabolical boss Beleth, fighting their way through multiple towers in the Steel Citadel. Enhancements to the pet system enable players to grow their wolf pet into a mount called a Fenrir. Additionally, this...
Genre: RPG
15 Apr 2008

Dreamlords – The Reawakening

The story continues where the original game left off: The world ended in a cosmic disaster (yes we had to use that expression, apart from sounding extremely dramatic it is what really happened) and the Cynos had to put the world to sleep to heal itself. Everything went black but after eons of silence, the Dreamlords slowly reawakens and...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.8
15 Apr 2008

Mortal Online

Mortal Online is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay. There are no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters.

Build your own house, or...
Genre: RPG
26 Feb 2008


Love is everyone
This is a game to play with your friends, and their friends, not so many you will feel lost and never so few it will make you fell alone. You can make a mark, but like life, it is not a contest, its about the thing you do with the friends you have and the friends you make, as you go against all that is old and...
Genre: RPG
14 Feb 2008

Champions Online

Earth's first and best line of defense is its heroes. For generations, brave men and women have answered the call to protect the world from the villains who threaten its safety and security.

Today, organizations such as VIPER, ARGENT and PSI use both superpowers and super technology in their dastardly plots to control the world....
Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.5
11 Jan 2008

Requiem: Bloodymare

Set in the world of Ethegia, players take on the role of the Temperions, beings created through genetic engineering and arcane rites to engage in bloody combat with the walking nightmares stalking the land.

Using the Havok engine, Requiem: Bloodymare brings to life a visually stunning realm where fallout from generations of scientific...
Genre: RPG
14 Dec 2007


Darkeden is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, inviting players into a bleak near-future environment and a brutal conflict between two distinct races-vampires and slayers. Featuring hand-rendered graphics and an isometric 2D view, Darkeden is easy for novices to learn, yet features a broad depth of features and character-building...
Genre: RPG
11 Dec 2007

Grand Chase

Grand Chase transports players to the once peaceful Continent of Bermesiah, which has been overthrown into bloodshed and chaos by KazeAaze, the Queen of Darkness. Players are instantly recruited to join the Grand Chase towards freedom and victory as elite heroes, including the brave knight Elesis, the powerful mage Arme, and the elegant archer...
Genre: RPG
03 Dec 2007

ELF Online

ELF Online is a kind of 2D Online game which exploited by Happy MMO only. It adopts the popular internet culture of “spoof” as its main style and possesses a subversive innovation system featuring trick and love, etc. All these funny elements make ELF Online a brand new game. It perfectly interpretes a characteristic online game beyond others...
Genre: RPG
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