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This mod compilation contains several mods that seriously improve the gameplay in Saints Row: The Third by overhauling the game's weapons, AI, spawning, weather, and taunts in order to provide you with a much more entertaining, dynamic, and polished Saints Row 3 experience without straying too far from the feel of vanilla SR3!

These mods are included in the compilation:

Avatar Rampage v4: Take control of the giant dragon avatar from the "deckers.die" mission and wreak Havoc in Steelport!

Vehicle Camera First Person Mod v3: (With FOV Fix): Drive vehicles in first person, and enjoy SR3 with an FOV more appropriate for high resolution monitors.

NPC Behaviour and Spawn Mod v54: Probably the best mod ever for Saints Row 3. This mod overhauls the spawns, AI, gangs, police and much more to dramatically improve Steelport's appearance and make it feel much more alive. Hundreds of new vehicles and pedestrians now spawn, and improved AI will give you much more emergent gameplay: pedestrians will often do random and hilarious things, one small fight on the street can evolve into total chaos!

Shitface's Weapon Re-Balance Mod v3.0: This mod adds new weapons that you can add to your inventory, new weapon upgrades, and dramatically improves the functionality of all weapons, giving many of them better physics and effects. Also improves the destructo-physics for many objects on the street (garbage cans, fences, etc) and gives the firetruck a flamethrower! This mod also adjusts the prices of some properties and upgrades to balance out the economy. You'll need to manage your money more carefully and won't be sitting on mountains of useless cash before you're close to finishing the game!

Alternate Times of Day + Enhanced Weather v5.3: Seriously improves the weather system in SR3. The weather will now change much more often, with many different sky and lighting settings added to make the game look better. Also includes different sky settings that you can choose from. I'd highly recommend using Idolninja's Sandbox+ mod with this for the day/night cycle.

Extended Taunts v1.4: Adds around 40 new taunts for you to customize your character with!

Super Cat & Mouse: Improves the "Cat and Mouse" minigame by adding many new vehicle combinations!

Starting a new game is strongly advised.

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