Total War: Shogun 2 News (PC)

Shogun 2: Would you like to play some chess?

Posted: 22.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

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Total War: Shogun 2's Collector's Edition will come with a finely polished wooden Shogun-themed Chess set.

Total War: Shogun 2 Limited Edition revealed

Posted: 17.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

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Sega has revealed the Total War: Shogun 2 Limited Edition. The package will include a unique playable faction, the Hattori Clan, an additional historical battle scenario 'Nagashino' and a complete set of armor for your online avatar as well as a starting bank of XP for you to spend on your online character.

Creative Assembly: MMORTS a "possibility" in the future

Posted: 13.12.2010 by JustCommunication

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Total War developers Creative Assembly have mused that taking the series more into the online space is something they could be exploring in the future.

The multiplayer aspects in Shogun 2 have been completely overhauled, and we asked the team whether this was laying the groundwork for a game like Petroglyph's End of Nations.

Empire: Total War "probably a step too far" says Creative Assembly

Posted: 13.12.2010 by JustCommunication

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Creative Assembly Lead Designer Jamie Ferguson has commented that the company may have over-reached themselves when it came to designing Empire: Total War.

In an interview with Strategy Informer regarding Shogun 2, we asked him whether depth beats scope...

Napoleon: Total War SDK "in the near future"

Posted: 13.12.2010 by JustCommunication

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Modders rejoice! Creative Assembly has confirmed that they will be releasing a set of modding tools for Napoleon: Total War "in the near future".

The news came out during Strategy Informer's interview with Total War: Shogun 2's Lead Designer Jamie Ferguson, where we asked him why the relationship with the modding community had been a bit rocky recently.