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07 Nov 2013

Dino Run 2

Hidden deep within underground sanctuaries, a large number of dinosaurs are able to survive and flourish throughout the ages. However, new threats of doom require those dinos and their future generations to also run for survival and find new homes in which to take refuge. Choose your dino, put on your running shoes and your favorite hat, and...
Genre: Shooter
19 Oct 2013


Wrack is an arcade-style first-person shooter that pits you, Kain Sager, against the invading Arcturan empire! Battle your way through hordes of monsters at blistering speeds as you single-handedly attempt to save mankind from certain doom!
Genre: Shooter
05 Oct 2013


"Ikaruga" is a quick-paced shooter with strong strategy elements featuring a slow-motion training mode and co-op play for two. "Ikaruga" is the perfect combination of beautiful, manga-style storytelling and refined, ultra-challenging arcade heroics.
Genre: Shooter
06 Aug 2013

Paranautical Activity

Bringing classic FPS action from Doom & Quake with randomness of roguelikes like Isaac & Spelunky to Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Genre: Shooter
10 Apr 2013


MINIMUM is a free-to-play shooter set in a uniquely stylized universe, where flaming katanas and 5-barrel rifles fit together in a collage of endless content diversity.
Genre: Shooter
31 Jul 2012


Set in a computer generated environment, Vektropolis is a retro arcade style rescue game with the addition of taking full advantage of modern computing capabilities to enhance the experience.
Genre: Shooter
01 Dec 2011

Solar Wings

Solar Wings is an old school arcade game with hand drawn graphics in HD. Play alone or with a friend in the cooperative mode in the same computer. (game compatible with the XBOX 360 Gamepad)
Genre: Shooter
15 Nov 2011


Waves is a twin stick shooter in which you ruthlessly gun down thousands of Platonic shapes all in the name of getting a better score than your friends. To aid you in this task is a trinity of Guns, Explosions and Slowmo - a bit like a John Woo movie but with malevolent polygons and a Chiptune soundtrack.
Genre: Shooter
23 Nov 2007


Doomsday is a classic "Shoot'em up" game. Our task is to defend our planet from attacks of terrifying aliens. The task is not easy - at the beginning we have only small arsenal of weapons and small amount of ammunition. It is right to mention that the interesting element, which makes Doomsday different from other games of that kind is...
Genre: Shooter
09 Nov 2007

Purebreaker 3

Here is the next Purebreaker made by Djes! This Wall breaker game is a real enjoyment of fun and surprises. A lot of bonuses, tricks, traps and levels with fantastic special effects.
Genre: Shooter
01 Nov 2007

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is an action-packed top-down space combat game set in the universe of the hugely popular sci-fi television show. Sign up to defend the Galactica, or play as the ruthless Cylons as they seek to remove the human menace from existence. Take part in enormous multiplayer space battles up to 8 players online or play through...
Genre: Shooter
18 Oct 2007

Armada Tanks

Armada Tanks challenges players to protect their military base from the enemy. In each of the game's more than 60 levels, players steer their armored carrier into position and fire on an impressive variety of opposing tanks. As players earn money for completing missions, they can purchase upgrades and well as new weapons. And when the action...
Genre: Shooter
15 Oct 2007

Aces of the Galaxy

Aces of the Galaxy is an old-school arcade thrill-ride! Set in a stunning space environment, Aces of the Galaxy thrusts the user into epic space battles in the ultimate struggle to survive. Players take control of the gun turret on an AI-driven spaceship aiming the reticule to vaporize waves of enemies in this third person retro-arcade shooter....
Genre: Shooter
26 Jun 2007

Ghoul Academy

This fantastic platform game is now available to own. Hours of game-play and hours of fun now await you. Fight your way through four worlds and twenty levels of action and mayhem. Keep an eye out for relics for big bonuses and extra health.

Are you good enough to rid the world of evil? With new features available only on the...
Genre: Shooter
03 May 2007


Arcade, oldschool multiplayer and bloodshed.That's what the game Bloodmasters is about. Play with friends on your LAN or online and experience this oldschool top-down shooter. The game supports Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Scavenger game modes. The game is completely freeware and without ads, spyware or other unwanted garbage.
Genre: Shooter
11 Apr 2007

Mars Miner

Have you ever dreamed to play Bomberman-like game with modern graphics and sound? Now you have a chance to do it with Mars Miner a game that has all qualities of a classic time proved gameplay on a completely new level!

The hero finds himself on Mars. Now his primary objective is to stay alive and find his way back to Earth through...
Genre: Shooter
11 Sep 2006

Deep Ball Defender

Deep Ball Defender is full of machinery, metal and the various elements of science fiction, you need to complete multiple dangerous tasks along with the ambitious, stirring background music.
Genre: Shooter
25 May 2006

Clash'N Slash: Worlds Away

In Worlds Away like in original Clash'N Slash you must defend your planet from pesky alien invaders that will arrive from all around the galaxy.

This time alien hordes are more diverse and clever featuring more than 70 enemy types and 12 huge bosses. But worry not as there are two brave heroes on your side! Barry Barnes (codename:...
Genre: Shooter
24 May 2006

Crusaders of Space 2

You're a space jockey on a mission to eliminate alien foes across the galaxy. Your arsenal includes primary weapons and devastating missile attacks. You can also catch powerups that drop down from above, including weapons that will poison the invaders or freeze them in their tracks. Between stages, you can purchase ship enhancements and...
Genre: Shooter
16 May 2006

Dark Matter (2006)

This is an awesome remake of a stellar classic. Get ready for some intense space shooting as you take on a galaxy's worth of asteroids and enemies.

Campaign mode - 30 different intergalactic missions!
Challenge Mode - Survive an endless enemy offensive and achieve a high score on the Top Gun leader board!
Genre: Shooter
16 May 2006

Hyperspace Invader

In Hyperspace Invader, a new arcade space shooter, hostile aliens pursue the human race across the galaxy to deliver a devastating final blow. To save mankind, you must navigate one of 12 ships across a scrolling 3D combat zone and unleash its guns upon an unrelenting stream of aggressors. Although you will face more than 50 different enemies...
Genre: Shooter
24 Apr 2006

Triplex Invaders

In Triplex Invaders, the player pilots a spaceship against a neverending hoarde of enemy ships. It has psychedelic 3d graphics (but 2d gameplay).
Genre: Shooter
16 Dec 2005

Battle Castles

Point, click, BOOM! Your cannon fires followed by the sound of crashing timber as the battle ship that was about to target you is aflame. Wheel and target again as two more ships have appeared on the horizon and are preparing to fire upon your walls. Pulse pounding arcade fun for your PC and Pocket PC, Battle Castles is an easy-to-learn game...
Genre: Shooter
16 Dec 2005

Time Breaker

A giant sea serpent lashes at the screen. A majestic Pharaoh dances like an Egyptian. A helicopter spins and whirls in three-dimensional space. The detail on the chopper is so extreme, you can see through its window and into its cockpit. Like a mad scientist’s fusion of Magic Ball and Hyperballoid, Timebreaker features jaw-dropping 3D...
Genre: Shooter
12 Sep 2005


"REFUSE" - is the story about a confrontation between two groups of the toy soldiers, that fell a victim of the unlucky hackers. The whole world is threatened with big danger again. The soldiers-freaks offended by the fact that they were named like refuse and were condemned to the recycle process, set themselves a task: to destroy the world and...
Genre: Shooter
04 Sep 2005

Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia

Monster Madness is a 4-player cooperative online-enabled action game. "Zack, Carrie, Andy, and Jennifer were all looking forward to a party when Zack's parents left town for vacation. Unfortunately, some uninvited guests soon arrived..."


> Top down split screen multiplayer

> 5 unique environments with 6...
Genre: Shooter