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07 Nov 2013

Dino Run 2

Hidden deep within underground sanctuaries, a large number of dinosaurs are able to survive and flourish throughout the ages. However, new threats of doom require those dinos and their future generations to also run for survival and find new homes in which to take refuge. Choose your dino, put on your running shoes and your favorite hat, and...
Genre: Shooter
26 Aug 2011

Quantum Conundrum

Developed at Dark Void studio Airtight Games, it's a three dimensional puzzle platformer in which you play as a kid left alone in their uncle's house/giant laboratory. He's nowhere to be seen so, duly, it's your job to track him down by navigating your way through room after room of fiendish puzzles.
Genre: Shooter   Our score: 8.0
05 Feb 2008

Cid The Dummy

The game is set in a near-future version of our planet where litigiousness and refusal to accept responsibility have grown to such an extent that the lowly Crash Impact Dummy has risen to a position of unrivalled importance, employed in an almost endless barrage of safety tests. Professor B.M. Werken and D-Troit saw the gap in the market and...
Genre: Shooter
05 Sep 2007


After a peace treaty about free interplanetary traffic was concluded 150 years ago, the whole space has been turned into a giant floating trash infested with litter; meteorites deviated from their trajectories and with wild pirates, each of them representing a deadly danger for the peaceful navigators. That is the reason why the Governors of the...
Genre: Shooter
26 Jun 2007

Ghoul Academy

This fantastic platform game is now available to own. Hours of game-play and hours of fun now await you. Fight your way through four worlds and twenty levels of action and mayhem. Keep an eye out for relics for big bonuses and extra health.

Are you good enough to rid the world of evil? With new features available only on the...
Genre: Shooter
22 Jun 2007

Lucky Luke: Go West

Inspired by the cucumber-cool cowboy’s adventures in the comic book ‘The Caravan’, Lucky Luke: Go West! lets players jump into his spurred boots for a thrill-a-minute journey escorting the notorious Dalton brothers to New York to stand trial. Of course, the Daltons do what they do best – they escape, rob banks, wreak havoc and blow stuff up....
Genre: Shooter
14 Jun 2007


In Windstille the player will be placed in a foreign alien world and has to find its way back into safety. Special focus will be on getting the foreign world and the players character itself believable. Exploration will be more needed than plain shoot action, even so the players-character will be equipped with a multifunctional war-suit, so he...
Genre: Shooter
22 May 2007


AstroAvenger is a new spectacular space scroller with a strategy twist. This 3D shooter comes with 50 levels split into 5 different galaxies. The player starts out with a regular spaceship and upgrades it after each level is completed. The money is earned by destroying enemies and can be spend on upgrading weapons, battery or armor. Additional...
Genre: Shooter
11 Apr 2007

Bomb 'N Dash

The Spirits of Happy Land are the guardian angels of the Happy Energy, a force generated whenever people feel happy. One day, the Caribbean Bears stormed into Happy Land to destroy it and steal the Happy Energy. The Happy Land Spirits united to protect their land from the Caribbean Bears, and will continue to do so until Happy Land...
Genre: Shooter
11 Sep 2006

Deep Ball Defender

Deep Ball Defender is full of machinery, metal and the various elements of science fiction, you need to complete multiple dangerous tasks along with the ambitious, stirring background music.
Genre: Shooter
06 Jul 2006


Do you like jumping? JetJumper is going to show you what extreme jumping is! The game is going to turn you into a pilot of a fantastic jumping machine, which is jumping here at a supersonic speed. JetJumper is not just a specialist at jumping, leaping and springing, but is also a source of blood-chilling emotions.

The game requires...
Genre: Shooter
04 Jul 2006


The game of Shlongg features two different styles of gameplay. The first is a breakout style battle where a ball and ship are used to smash various aliens, larva and breakable objects. The second is a race through a 3D inter-dimensional tunnel, collecting power ups while dodging enemies and mines. Each part represents a truly unique concept...
Genre: Shooter
30 Jun 2006

Project Xenoclone

Holding the hand of those who wait... Looking in the eyes of those who suffer... Feeling the breath of death lurking in the shadows... But it was especially this, and its cruel reality what gave birth to Project Xenoclone….waiting lists. They make the difference between transplant and death, between relief and uncertainty, and with their...
Genre: Shooter
11 Apr 2006

Mega Bounce

Mega Bounce is a breakout-style game featuring dynamic gripping gameplay, pre-rendered 3D graphics, stunning sound effects, classic and innovative power-ups. No age restrictions, the whole family will enjoy this game.

- aiming, now you control the ball trajectory
- three themes with different backgrounds and...
Genre: Shooter
04 Mar 2006

Professor Fizzwizzle

Take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle in this mind-altering puzzler. Help the Professor Fizzwizzle use his gadgets to solve each of the almost 250 levels!
Genre: Shooter   Our score: 6.8
04 Mar 2006

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso

Play as Ed as he strives to avoid Mr. Smoozles, who's been turned completely nutso by the evil Goragons, who have also completely messed up reality. Can Ed stop the Goragons' plans, save his friends, restore Mr. Smoozles' mind and return the world to normal at the same time as ensuring his valuable collection of Geeks Monthly comes to no...
Genre: Shooter
01 Mar 2006

Alien Stars

Alien Stars is a chance for a gamer to make their way through the universe full of bad guys. A choice of invaders craving for destruction wants to stop you from fulfilling your mission. Solid visuals and sound aim at igniting your fighting spirit so you can sweep the Galaxy clean of malicious presence.
Genre: Shooter
22 Jan 2006

Pac-Man World 3

Pac-Man World 3 is a platformer, characterized most notably by its fusion of classic Pac-Man moments and generic platforming gameplay.
Genre: Shooter   Our score: 7.3
19 Dec 2005

Chicken Little

Chicken Little is on a mission to go from "zero to hero," rebounding from the time he inadvertently alerted his entire town that "the sky is falling!" after an acorn fell on his head. Disney's Chicken Little brings the excitement of the film to reality, allowing gamers to play as the key characters in an endless variety of action-packed game...
Genre: Shooter
22 Oct 2005

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers have been kidnapped! Well, almost - it's up to Porthos, famed member of the Musketeers, to save the day in the first game ever based on the world-famous novel by Alexandre Dumas. In Legendo's story adaptation, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos are enjoying themselves at the Red Dove Inn, Paris, when young D'Artagnan suddenly...
Genre: Shooter
14 Aug 2005

Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit

"Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit" is a funny, non-violent action game full of special effects. Players take the role of the unique and exciting character called "Crash Dummy" who tries to save the future of his best friend and all the other Dummies.
Genre: Shooter
24 Jul 2005

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Play as Trane, a "toy" graffiti artist with the street smarts, athletic prowess and vision to become an "All City King" - the most reputable of all graffiti artists. Along your quest, uncover the mayor's deep, dark secret... and use your fighting talents and high-wire graf to expose the city's leader as a corrupt tyrant. As you struggle to...
Genre: Shooter   Our score: 9.2
14 Apr 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is mysteriously selected as the fourth competitor in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament. Each contestant in this international competition must confront a fire-breathing dragon, rescue friends from the icy depths of the Black Lake, and navigate the twisting mysteries of a vast, dangerous maze....
Genre: Shooter   Our score: 5.3
11 Mar 2005


Psychonauts is a 3D action adventure game from the mind of Tim Schafer, designer of highly acclaimed adventure games such as Grim Fandango and Full Throttle.
Genre: Shooter