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Shrek SuperSlam Cheats & Codes

Enter the codes at the title screen:

Code: Description:
I, I, I, L, L, L, I, J, L, J, J, J, W, S, A, D, U, O Unlock All Mega-Challenges
W, W, I, I, D, D, L, L, S, S, U, O, A, A, J, J, U, O Pizza One
L, L, J, J, O, O, A, A, U, U Pizza Two
S, S, D, L, W, I, A, J, U, U Pizza Three
U, U, O, O, U, O, U, O, J, L, I, I Super Speed Modifier
W, W, S, S, A, D, A, D, I, J, J, U, O Slammageddon
U, O, L, J, O, U, J, L, J, J, J, J, I, I, L, L Unlock All Characters and Levels
O, U, I, J, S, S, D, A, U, O, J, I, W, S, W, S Unlock All Medals and Trophies
I, S, J, W, O, A, L, D, S, D, A, W, J, I, L, L Unlock All Story Mode Chapters


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Unlocker 7 KB Download it!


By pipioo (I just got here) on Jun 06, 2014
where we should type the codes???