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Silent Hill 4: the Room Hints, Tips

Force game to run on system
On some systems, even though you meet the requirements to play the game it won't run.

To bypass this initial check, simply open the folder where the game is installed

(Default C:\Program Files\Konami\Silent Hill 4\)

and rename CheckSpec.dll to something else like CheckSpec.dll.bak .

My laptop has a Radeon 9000 video, even though sh4check.exe passed it, the game won't run - but so far it runs fine (if a little slow).
Misc. Unlockables
Eileen Nurse outfit = Finish the game one time and save. Start a new game using that save and go to room 302 to find the Outfit, it can be picked up on the 3rd time through
Locate Chainsaw = After finishing the game one time save and then reload the save the go to forest world and look for the cut tree, the chainsaw will be there.
Unlock One weapon mode = Get 10 stars using hard mode.
Unlock all weapons mode = Finish one weapon mode.
Brand New Fear mode = Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting. Save the game after the credits complete to unlock the "Brand New Fear" option.
Submachine Gun = Successfully complete the game with a rank of at least 9 big stars. Start a game in "Brand New Fear" mode and look in Room 202 in the Apartment World
Alternate Cynthia costume = Unlock all 4 endings & Eileen's alt. costume on 1 game save. Start a new game & select Eileen's alt. costume. Cynthia will wear her alt. costume.


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