Mod: U-Boat Watch Crew Routine SFX
This mod introduces the U-Boat conning tower watch crew routine. Readme not available
  File Name: U-Boat Watch Crew Routine SFX.rar     Author: Venatore
  File Size: 36.18 MB   Files Added: 18
  Downloads: 3,658 (4 last week)   Author Downloads: 39,456 (74 last week)
  Posted: 30.08.2010   Supporters: 5 (+1 Add)
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 31, 2010
Do you host these on SubSimHQ, mate?
By Venatore (SI Member) on Aug 31, 2010
No matey SubSim is my main area of operations. That is where you find all my mods announcements, however; I use other link upload sites like this one.