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Install with JSGME:

This is an automation script- TDW UI V4.2 is required

Harbours included are:-
St Nazaire
La Pallice
La Spezia

Begin the script in the bunker.

These scripts require set speeds to be achieved.
Speeds can be affected by ie crew upgrades Example-
Brest Harbour - Boat VIIC41-Crew highly trained - With this crew and boat if I set speed 6knots,
actual speed achieved in straight line is 8knots.

Fix - AFTER speed has been set hold ctrl key and set speed
to 5knots. With this boat, that will give me a speed of 6knots.
This affect will happen when your boat can travel at higher speeds.

I have tested this in all harbours and the av speed a boat can be out
for this scripts to work is +/- half knot. Some harbours are more forgiving that others.

Each script has a prefered speed that can be found by hovering your mouse over script in automation screen.

Target speeds are:-

St Nazaire-9knots
La Pallice-9knots
La Spezia-9knots

These speed are what your boat can achieve in a STRAIGHT LINE RUN with enough time.

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