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Trevally Harbour & Kiel Canal Pilot Scripts v2.1
TDW UI V4.5.0 is required.

This script will require TheDarkWraiths UI mod V4.5 or later.
V2.1 uses the new Nav_from_file command within TDWs UI mod.

Harbour Pilot Scripts

Harbours are:-

St Nazaire
La Pallice
La Spezia

You must start the Pilot when you are in the bunker.

To start a pilot you need to click the Automation icon and select "Harbour Pilot" then choose the pilot for the harbout you are in.

After starting, you can adjust the TC (within X16 when close to wharf).

If shipping is present, you should adjust speed to avoid collitions. At time this may even require you to stop and advance time until path is clear. Or you can pause the pilot by clicking the automation icon, followed by pause. You can then manually pass the ship and unpause the pilot. The pilot will continue to the new waypoint as normal. Do not use stop and start as this will tell pilot to go to waypoint one again.

When you are clear of any wharfs, you can change speed. Please do not change speed when you are in a wharf with very tight corners.

Lorient- After turn 1 there is a u-boat in your path. You will pass it (very close) if you just sit back and leave it.

Also added is Kiel Harbour and Canal.

There are two Canal scripts, Outbound and Inbound. With the outbound, you start in the bunker of Kiel Harbour. Use this one as you would any other pilot script.

The Inbound requires you to be within the 15KM circle near the Harbour of Cuxhaven to start.

As with harbour pilot, you can adjust TC straight away. Short spell of x128 is ok if away from shipping. X32 is recommended.

With Kiel Canal you can also avoid shipping by using the method described above.

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