SimCity News (PC)

EA prez Gibeau: "DRM is a failed dead-end strategy"

Posted: 28.03.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Electronic Arts president Frank Gibeau refutes the idea that SimCity is online-only because of always-on DRM, stating that DRM is a "failed dead-end strategy".

American McGee doesn't "see anything meaningful" in the PS4, SimCity players "need to relax"

Posted: 25.03.2013 by Nakerman

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American McGee has spoken out about a number of issues surrounding the games community in a recent interview with Forbes. The Alice: Madness Returns creator didn't hold his tongue when discussing DRM, SimCity and the PS4.

Team Meat "shows no loss" from piracy and "neither should any other developer"

Posted: 19.03.2013 by Technet2k

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Tommy Refenes of Team Meat has posted a lengthy blog explaining why apathy and refunds "are more dangerous than piracy." There's no way to accurately calculate losses to piracy, so how is DRM effective?

Having a digital copy pirated "does not equate to money being taken out of my pocket," says Refenes. He doubts companies have really investigated these 'losses' and just given knee jerk reactions.

Electronic Arts announces free games for patient SimCity gamers

Posted: 18.03.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Electronic Arts has finally revealed the list of free games that will be given away to SimCity users who had to endure the disastrous launch of the game that left many gamers unable to play their title due to server load and the lack of offline play.

Maxis begins turning attention to "improving the simulation" in SimCity

Posted: 15.03.2013 by Technet2k

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Stone Librande, lead designer for SimCity, has blogged that the studio is near to resolving the server woes for the game and so they have begun looking into all the player feedback relating to the simulation.

The team is working on "additional fixes with the pathing" of the agent system, which right now is heavily flawed and causing mass gridlock. They're also "slowly re-enabling" non-essential features.