SimCity Societies Demo, Patch, Movie (PC)

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Simcity Societies Demo

Demo for the latest version of Simcity Societies. The demo includes a tutorial, a scenario and two major disasters.

Demo added: 14.06.2008 | SCSDemo_US.exe | 791.22 MB | 642 downloads

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Patch 1.04.243

Patch 1.04.243 for Societies. See File/Full Details for changes.

Patch added: 27.05.2008 | SCS_104243_H.exe | 179.06 MB | 5754 downloads

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Patch #4

The fourth patch for Simcity Societies. The patch includes a range of bug fixes, new features and game improvements. See File/Full Details.

Patch added: 10.04.2008 | | 112.84 MB | 4412 downloads

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Patch #3

With this update, they are adding performance improvements, a variety of user interface enhancements, and the UFO Attack!

Patch added: 05.03.2008 | SCS_102119_H.exe | 68.23 MB | 4119 downloads

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Patch #2

Patch #2. Includes 2 new maps, buildings, fixes and enhancements.

Patch added: 21.12.2007 | SimCitySocieties_Patch2.exe | 51.36 MB | 18500 downloads

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Launch Trailer

The long awaited SimCity Societies is now available on the PC. Check out this Launch trailer, and then zip out to your local retail store!

Movie added: 27.11.2007 | t_simcitysocieties_launch.wmv | 9.31 MB | 0 downloads

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Patch #1

The first patch for SimCity Societies has been issued by Electronic Arts. The patch adds two exclusive buildings and two terrain maps and as well improves install experience for custom content downloads.

Patch added: 14.11.2007 | | 17.82 MB | 8829 downloads

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'Evolution' Trailer

A trailer for SimCity Societies demonstrating the progress of evolution in your Society.

Movie added: 13.11.2007 | t_simcitysocieties_pc_evolution.wmv | 11.42 MB | 0 downloads

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'Baron Robber' Trailer

SimCity Societies is now available on your PC and some console systems. Here's a couple more trailers giving some examples to the various Societies you can create, and how they evolve according to your decisions.

Movie added: 13.11.2007 | t_simcitysocieties_pc_baron.wmv | 6.41 MB | 0 downloads

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'Haunted' Trailer

Another half minute long trailer for SimCity Societies.

Movie added: 30.10.2007 | | 13.16 MB | 0 downloads

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Movie Trailer #4

A Simcity Societies trailer shows off what it would be like to build rural Asian communities.

Movie added: 26.10.2007 | | 11.66 MB | 1 downloads

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Trailer #3

The third trailer for SimCity Societies on the PC... Giving you the "Power to Create" one society at a time.

Movie added: 19.10.2007 | t_simcitysocieties_powertocreate.wmv | 6.71 MB | 0 downloads

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Trailer #2

Looking for more insight into the highly anticipated new Sim game from EA? Sim City Societies is sure to tickle your fancy. 3 new trailers now available!

Movie added: 19.10.2007 | t_simcitysocieties.wmv | 5.03 MB | 0 downloads

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Trailer #1

This is an ingame trailer from the new society sim SimCity Societies.

Movie added: 06.08.2007 | sc5pce3attractev10.wmv | 22.77 MB | 62 downloads

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