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12 Aug 2013

Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches

Captain your ship with your friends as your crew, fly across space and land on planets with the freedom to progress, explore and survive any way you wish!

Craft weapons, upgrades, items and even new ships as you explore the Stoddarian Sector.
Genre: Simulator
22 Jun 2007


An adventure and action based lifestyle simulation that will truly captivate the fans of this genre. Set in an international college environment where you can transfer from one country to the the next - Campus is a game that will captivate everyone from the novice to the most avid gamers.

  • Adds more gameplay components than other...
  • Genre: Simulator
    11 Sep 2006

    Space Force - Rogue Universe

    There is an irony in the promise of a upcoming war. If you looked, you could see the stars arranged in patterns that told wonderful stories from the heavens. Some people believe in progress, science, evolution, think that mankind will be better. But, many don't see the dark side. As the troop movements and rumors of mutiny swirl around me, I...
    Genre: Simulator   Our score: 7.7