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10 Jan 2007


ClickBeat started its life as an idea that we (Aymes and Surasshu) had when Surasshu visited Aymes in England. We thought that a music game that was controlled by the mouse would be an awesome addition to the music game genre, something that hadn’t really been tried before. When “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!” (which later became more commonly known...
Genre: Simulator
09 Jan 2007

Wing Commander Saga

Desperate to replace the combat losses suffered in the Battle of Terra, the Confederation has turned to its Officer Candidate School (OCS) programs to fill the ranks. You assume the role of 2nd Lieutenant David Markham, a recent OCS graduate in an accelerated flight training program on an aging, dilapidated carrier in a backwater system. Things...
Genre: Simulator
08 Jan 2007

Boxing Manager

In Boxing Manager, players follow in the footsteps of legendary boxing promoters like Don King as he struggles up the long and winding road to the top of the business. Starting out with a small stable and two unknown talents, you’ll soon be training and managing up to 30 competitive fighters. In addition to the tycoon elements, you also have...
Genre: Simulator
03 Jan 2007

Enchanted Gardens

Players create matches to grow grass and restore five beautiful gardens in this delightful puzzle game. With dazzling visuals and unique-yet-familiar gameplay, Enchanted Gardens appeals to seasoned puzzle gamers and gardening enthusiasts alike.

Collect custom garden upgrades as you play through Garden Mode, arrange tiles to match the...
Genre: Simulator
14 Dec 2006

Starshatter: The Gathering Storm

Starshatter: The Gathering Storm integrates elements of real-time-strategy games by allowing fleet commanders to direct the battle on a tactical level, launching fighters and directing destroyers to defend the fleet and annihilate enemy forces. You will arm fighters for patrol or strike missions. You will send orders to your escorting destroyers...
Genre: Simulator
11 Dec 2006

The Sims 2: Seasons

Experiencing all four seasons for the first time – from seasonal activities to all-new outerwear for unpredictable weather – is guaranteed to provide a whole new level of excitement for your Sims! Not only will your Sims experience the seasons changing in spring, summer, autumn and winter, but each season will deliver unique benefits, impacting...
Genre: Simulator   Our score: 9.0
27 Nov 2006


Place your bombs, start the simulation and blast your way through over 100 challenging levels in this unique logic puzzle game! Impulse has a simple game concept: the ball must hit the goal object. Different bombs, obstacles, special elements and force fields provide varied levels. The interactive timeline at the bottom of the screen lets you...
Genre: Simulator
13 Nov 2006

Sims 2: Festive Holiday Stuff

Available for a limited time only, The Sims 2 Festive Edition is a great value that includes the critically-acclaimed game, The Sims 2—in its entirety—plus 60 global holiday-themed items that allow your Sims to add sparkle to their holiday celebrations. Available for the same suggested retail price as the original game, The Sims 2 Festive...
Genre: Simulator
30 Oct 2006

Action Wheelracer

No official fact sheet avaliable.
Genre: Simulator
24 Oct 2006

VFR Real Scenery

Realistic scenery is all very well, but there really is no substitute for the real thing! Just Flight's VFR Real Scenery is an incredible program that uses the very latest digital aerial images of the UK to transform Flight Simulator X into the real landscape you can see from the air. We’ve teamed up with Infoterra Ltd, a leader in the provision...
Genre: Simulator
21 Oct 2006

Starsiege 2845

Fractured and confused after the fall of their progenitor god-tyrant, Prometheus, the Cybrids fled into the darkness of the solar system's outer rim. Throughout the colonies as well as on hallowed Earth, humanity sifted through the charred remains of the Starsiege, gave thanks for its deliverance, and began to rebuild.
Genre: Simulator
16 Oct 2006

Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth is a fabulous aircraft to fly and the award-winning team at Aeroplane Heaven have used their skills to give Flight Simulator X and FS2004 pilots the chance to learn the ropes in a Tiger Moth.

This brilliant package includes three different Tiger Moths – RAF and RAAF trainers, civilian aircraft and...
Genre: Simulator
11 Oct 2006

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 brings some brand new campaigns, missions and aircraft as well as many exclusive features. In this game you are given a chance to fight enemies over the Russian front, German occupied Europe, the Far East and the Pacific. It also includes all of previous Il-2 series content, and as well brings the most respected anthology...
Genre: Simulator
09 Oct 2006

Elite 4

In Elite 4 you have earn money first so you can pay for the fuel, servicing and weapons. You are free to do whatever you want, and fly to wherever you feel like.
Genre: Simulator
04 Oct 2006

Combat Wings: Battle of Britain

There’s something new in the air, and it’s more than the hum of hundreds of aero engines... As the Luftwaffe launches its aerial offensive, the outnumbered Royal Air Force is scrambling to bring into combat new planes that will ensure victory over a stronger foe. Will they succeed? It’s up to you, and your Hurricane or Spitfire. If you hold off...
Genre: Simulator
04 Oct 2006

Desperate Housewives

In the Desperate Housewives: The Game, a lifestyle simulation PC game based on the TV Show, you play new housewife in the neighborhood who uncovers some delicious secrets and reveals shocking scandals.
Genre: Simulator
02 Oct 2006

Romanians in Space

The intergalactic war raged on as Romanians quickly subdued every alien race they had encountered. You have been assigned to join the 88th fighter squadron, of the 3rd Romanian Fleet, designated Cacanarii. You will be providing cover for larger, less maneuverable cruiser-class vessels in their attempt to overpower the alien forces. If you do...
Genre: Simulator
27 Sep 2006

Dance Revolution SuperNOVA

The hottest revolution and bestselling video game in the music game category returns to its arcade roots and now the PlayStation 2 with Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA. Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA uses a completely new graphics engine and features a wide variety of songs, new game modes, online play and gameplay for dancers of all skill...
Genre: Simulator
27 Sep 2006

Hunting Unlimited 4

Embark on the hunt of a lifetime through 50 action-packed missions filled with dangerous animals and tough challenges.

Hunting Unlimited 4 combines traditional hunting game elements with a fast-paced mission-based system, for intense hunting action. Players hunt twelve different realistic species of animals across six completely new...
Genre: Simulator
22 Sep 2006

The Sims 2: Pets

In The Sims 2: Pets you are given a chance to create your own lovely pet. You can choose from dogs, cats, caged animals and more.
Genre: Simulator
15 Sep 2006


Flyboys is an WWI flight-based game.
Genre: Simulator
12 Sep 2006

Animal Hospital: Pet Vet 3D

Calling all animal lovers! Have tons of fun running your very own pet vet clinic in Animal Hospital: Pet Vet 3D. As doctor you’ll get to take care of fuzzy bunnies, adorable cats, dogs, horses, ponies and even piglets. Packed with oodles of awesome activities ranging from animal examinations, playing with cute puppies and even horseback riding;...
Genre: Simulator
11 Sep 2006

Space Force - Rogue Universe

There is an irony in the promise of a upcoming war. If you looked, you could see the stars arranged in patterns that told wonderful stories from the heavens. Some people believe in progress, science, evolution, think that mankind will be better. But, many don't see the dark side. As the troop movements and rumors of mutiny swirl around me, I...
Genre: Simulator   Our score: 7.7
01 Sep 2006

Music Challenge

Test your music knowledge with friends & family in an exciting game show called "Music Challenge", integrates with iTunes or Windows Media Player, plus a funky show host named Gina.

Join Gina on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. Prepare for her to stretch your knowledge of your own music collection. Answering quickly & correctly...
Genre: Simulator
29 Aug 2006

U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean

U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean" is the biggest expansion for Ubisoft´s Silent Hunter III to date, offering a richer campaign experience and more than forty new ship classes. The greatly expanded campaign covers a period from May 1941 to the Allied Invasion if Italy 1943, including hundreds of historial convoys, task forces und resupply...
Genre: Simulator
28 Aug 2006

The Sims 2: Glamour Life Stuff

Your Sims can now indulge in a glamorous life with this collection of luxurious furniture, fashionable clothing, and extravagant décor items*. Create lavish homes furnished with the finest modern bedroom, living room, and dining room sets. Turn heads in the neighborhood as your Sims show off elegant gowns, red carpet formalwear, and cool casual...
Genre: Simulator
24 Aug 2006

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

Developed by Ubisoft’s studio in Romania, Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific takes players to the depths of the Pacific Ocean as the skipper of an American submarine. Immersed in this intense environment with the help of amazing graphics and sound, players will engage in massive battles with enemy units, manage and evolve an entire submarine...
Genre: Simulator
22 Aug 2006

Maggie the Gardener 2

Maggie loves gardening. She plants flowers, bushes, designs fountains and places dwarfs. Her gardens are known in neighbourhood. Every year Maggie win's Best Gardener prize. Can she win this prize this year? With your help for sure.

* NEW! Online gardens gallery
* NEW! Improved paths engine
Genre: Simulator
15 Aug 2006

Rider's World: I Want to Ride

The Rider's World series of titles is aimed at pre-teen girls that can adopt, raise and train their own horses and ponies. An easy-to-understand interface, coupled with a cheerful riding instructor, ensures the game will be accessible and family-friendly fun. Obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, jumping competitions and time trials are all...
Genre: Simulator
08 Aug 2006


Freerails is a real time multi player strategy game where players compete to build the most powerful railroad empire. It is written in java. Development is not yet complete.
Genre: Simulator
02 Aug 2006


The Avro Lancaster is probably the most iconic heavy bomber of WWII and rates alongside the Spitfire as one of the most recognised. The supreme combat aircraft designers at Aeroplane Heaven have carefully crafted this aircraft with due respect and memory to the tireless crews who flew in them. Lancaster will be supplied in a variety of Mk’s and...
Genre: Simulator
26 Jul 2006


HouseFlip is a fun real estate simulation game that teaches players the ins and outs of real estate investment!

Players will work themselves up through the market, starting by buying houses in the low end of the market, fixing them up and selling them. As the game progresses players will figure out if they are better served shopping...
Genre: Simulator
18 Jul 2006

Village Sim

Village Sim is a village simulator where you care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival. The object of the game is to grow a small village in your computer: there is food to forage, huts to build, technologies to research and diseases to fight! As the village grows and prospers perhaps they will uncover...
Genre: Simulator
30 Jun 2006

Cargo Pilot

Cargo Pilot is a unique expansion for FS2004 pilots who think they’ve got what it takes to become a success in the challenging world of air cargo operations. This is the natural partner Airliner Pilot, but instead of passengers, virtual pilots will be moving everything from chickens to racing cars around the globe. Flying from jungle airstrips...
Genre: Simulator
26 Jun 2006


Kudos is the new life-sim being developed by Cliffski (Positech Games, Makers of Democracy). It's a game of social relationships and choices, and it's being developed for the PC for 2006.

Kudos is a turn based strategy game where you control someone's life. You decide where they work, who they hang out with, and what they do to relax....
Genre: Simulator
13 Jun 2006

East Coast Express 2

East Coast Express Part 2 (Peterborough to York) picks up where the first instalment of this exciting two-parter left off. Continuing the journey northbound, East Coast Express 2 starts at Peterborough and features numerous stations on the 112-mile journey to York. Rolling stock includes A4 Mallard with Railtour coaches plus the Class 89...
Genre: Simulator
10 Jun 2006

Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise

Developed by Pixel After Pixel and Published by eGames, Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver’s Paradise promises to bring a new and fresh feel to an old fan favorite, the Ultimate Underwater Resort. Your adventure begins deep beneath the ocean waves, where sea life swirls around as you create the underwater paradise of your dreams. New camera angles and...
Genre: Simulator
10 Jun 2006

Fruit Machine Mania

Fruit Machine Mania features six exciting and diverse machines, which the player unlocks in sequence by building up points through skilful play. Players start with a set number of 'turns', which are used to set the machine in motion and win points. Bonus games can be triggered to win back turns as the game expands the play experience beyond what...
Genre: Simulator
09 Jun 2006

Ultimate Airliners: Super 80

Done in partnership with CoolSky, "Ultimate Airliners - The Super 80" brings back the classic modes of flying in the era where glass was just starting to appear. This rendition is based on the original Super 80, circa 1979. So with the combination of classic analog and early electronic navigation, you have a product that requires a lot of...
Genre: Simulator
07 Jun 2006

Hell Tycoon

It is written... When Armageddon comes, the Demon Armies of Hell will be defeated. This can mean only 1 thing: The Devil isn't doing his Job! So now you are the new Ruler of Hell... Your job is to keep the Abyss stocked with Tortured Souls. Reform all 9 planes of Hell with Fire and Brimstone! On Judgment Day, will you be ready?

Genre: Simulator
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