Mod: Maelstrom Expansion v1.191 R3 (Original SoaSE)
The third release of the Maelstrom Mod

Six races in deadly battle ... TEC, Advent, Vasari, Norlamins, Replicators & the Trade Alliance. All with unique strengths & weaknesses.
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By soase_Maelstrom (SI Core Veteran) on Jan 16, 2011
The Expansion Series

It includes a new Capitalship known as a Dreadnought. A Dreadnought is a very large and powerful Capitalship that once at level six or beyond can be upgraded into a Super-Dreadnought. All six races have Dreadnought Capitalships. Dreadnought's are automatically and repeatedly built by a special Dreadnought factory ... only one unique factory is made available for each player at the start of the game.

Also included are more aggressive Pirates with capital ships, capable of colonizing, and a pirate carrier cruiser. Finally beware of dangerous asteroids which fill the gravity well of various planets, they can severely damage fleets through collisions.