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The people of the Tauri have risen and taken there place amongst the stars. We were once thought to be destined to become the great fifth race in the next thousand years orso. As time would have it we didn't have five years of peace, before fate took over. The War has raged for over a century now. Billions of life forms wiped from existence. We the People of the Tauri are the last line of defense for all Life forms in the known universe.In those five years of peace we learned much from all corners of our reach.We have meet thousands of races , some of which are our allies and friends. Others we have
met have not been so hospitable and have banded with our foes. One of these races in particular has stood Up and taken a place amongst the stars. The Jaffa Nation has risen from the ashes of what once was the Gouald empires. There rise has been turbulent to say
the least. There are rumors of internal strife and talk of renegade Gouald still with in there ranks. They are a people that for the moment we consider allies, but as with any alliance it can fall.

The following is a history of our conflicts.

Location Classified
Milky way date 1/20/2018
One of the most powerful enemies of life itself the Wraith now have the means of interstellar
hyperspace. There initial invasion forces were massive and the battles took many ships and
people from both sides. The wraith had defeated the ancients, however they were not prepared
for humanities perseverance and deter.mination to defend life. We now know that they have access
to a number of zpm's and are using them. We fear that they have built another cloning facility somewhere in the milky way and Pegasus galaxies. We have also detected several massive wraith vessels on approach from Pegasus, our Intel suggests that they are powered by zero point modules. We are preparing our defenses and making plans as best we can. Then when we were at our weakest moment another enemy emerged the Lucian Alliance. They took advantage of our forces being spread so thin amongst the universe and have taken many bases and systems. They are a ruthless people that only seek to conquer , destroy andmassacre anyone or anything that gets in there way.

Location Classified
Pegasus date 3/5/2018
We are on a routine patrol mission when we stumbled upon them. We had discovered a massive planet the size of Jupiter swarming with nanite life. The Asurans once thought to be entirely wiped from existence are now back with a Vengeance. They are hell bent on destroying all of carbon based life. There single goal and directive is to destroy anything and everything the Ancients had created.
They have managed to take several worlds and destroy and ravage countless others. We are coordinating with several other fleets for a counter offensive. We are due to meet at Starbase Athena soon.

Location Classified
Pegasus date 5/1/2018
It has been some time since we had last encountered the rogue Asgard of the Pegasus. But we knew it to be only a matter of time, with the Wraith busy fighting us on many fronts. There initial invasion fleets were massive with every major class of Asgard vessel. We had hoped that
we may be able to form a alliance with them. However they are different breed of Asgard, they do not seek peace, knowledge and friendship. Instead they seek to only better there genetic code at any means necessary. We were ill prepared for the opening salvos that started the war with them. We did manage to destroy a large number of there fleets. However they were able to form a strategic beach head and take several worlds.
Communication with fleet lost!! Signal faded. Invasion
forces inbound.

The Map of Earth Below shows all active Stargate Teams Worldwide.
Will you join the Invasion???

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