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About this mod: This mod will be a TC (total conversion) when completed, there will be 5 playable factions, the Intarian Empire, Praxian Alliance, Argosian Empire, Videan Empire, and the Vexen Confederacy. Each faction will have a unique play style, more information on that can be found below.


Sol Operium: A race that vanished all but a few remnant relics spread throughout the Galaxy. Focus using Neutrino Weapons Non-playableMajor Accomplishments:

Developed starlight drive first known race to do so
Condensing the Centauri stars into a stable Star and built a star system from the asteroids to mirror the Sol system
Explored all of the Galaxy
Mastered control of Gravity and developed artificial wormholes to travel
Mastered control of neutrinos to develop the ultimate weapons, to save their galaxy
Built a Dyson Sphere
Set the stage for the Development of a seed race

Intarian Alliance: A young race that has begun to expand into the Galaxy, without knowing about their true origins. They are beginning to uncover relics of their parent race and beginning to piece together the puzzle of their origins. They mainly focus on Missiles and Railguns for weaponry with Prototypes of Mass Drivers and Energy Weapons with limited availability on ships. They focus on building a large economy then focus on building a large navy, similar to the TECMajor Accomplishments:

DevelopedStarlight Drive, fourth known race to do so
Discovered Wormhole travel

Argosian Empire: A merciless race that is completely based around war, as in to meet their God they must fight an unwinnable war and win. They developed Starlight technology about 1036 years(Earth/Intaria) before the Intarians and were known by the Terrans but were not advanced enough for contact. (I.E. Pre-stone age). A battle between rival Terran factions over the fate of the race is what led to their religion. They focus on powerful plasma cannons for weapons and have no fighters as to them to fight as one is dishonorable. They focus on pure offense with little care of the state of their empire. Similar to the TEC RebelsMajor Accomplishments:

Developed Starlight Drive, third known race to do so
Built a artificial moon to stabilize their planets ecosystem

Videan Empire: A race that has evolved to the point that the need for many leaders vanished as they are all without any form of greed be it power or monetary. They are also the most isolationist race in all of the galaxy, most likely from their seeing of Terran ships watching their race while they were in the Atomic age, though not xenophobic. They are also have one goal to form a council between all races in the universe to put an end to war, though recent events have made the race realize that staying in one system is extremely risky and that peace may never be possible with other races. They focus on isolationism and defense similar to the TEC LoyalistsThey focus on negatron beam weapons and anti-matter missiles, with lesser ship using older pulse weapons. Major Accomplishments:

Developed Starlight Drive, second know race to do so
Formed the first known peaceful empire in the universe
Developed Negatron Weapons, the second most lethal weapon in the galaxy

Intergalactic Consortium A race that is far older the Sol Operium and may be the race behind the UFO's scene around Earth and other Sol colonies from the late 14th century to the late 26th century. They are a race that none have ever resisted they take what technology other races have and then move on to conquer another galaxy. Their ultimate galaxy is to wipe all other races out and achieve Universal Domination, after that use young races too early to know the difference between God and Alien as slaves to gather needed material or fight on their ships, there are 25 known actual Consortium species in the known universe, those numbers are still only from what the Terrans knew during the first invasion of the Milky Way, there could be trillions spread across 25 trillion light years. Pirate Race.They focus on EM and Positron weapons. Major Accomplishments:

Developed a Drive capable of leaving a Galaxy, or stole
Conquered a known 750,000 Galaxies
Supposedly defeated the Terrans 156 million year prior to the first invasion

The Belieath: A race that has very little known about it. The race's ruins were only known by the Terrans which found that they dated well beyond 20 billion years old making them older than the Universe. They are considered the most powerful race to ever exist as they seemed to be able to move entire star systems between Universes, most likely moving their whole Galaxy from their Universe to this one, making the Milky Way the oldest body in the Universe. Non-playableMajor Accomplishments:

Developed Universal Jumping

Rena Confederation: A race that had some contact with the Terrans in the 32th century and then were defeated by the Intergalactic Consortium. Their home galaxy was the Andromada Galaxy, and were working with the Terrans to find a way to stop their respective galaxies from colliding or at least keep the star systems from being thrown around and protect them. Non-playableMajor Accomplishments:

Managed to create the first known stable wormhole, which finally fell apart once their race was defeated.
As or more advanced than the Terrans at the time of the start of the war with the Intergalactic Consortium

Vexen Confederacy: The youngest race in the Milky Way Galaxy they have recently been discovered in a large vessel in Interstellar space by a IDF vessel. They recently suffered a massive plague brought on by a virus that was highly radioactive wiping out most of the planets ecology turning their home to a desert, given Starlight drive to quickly make the jump home with the cure to re-give them their home planet. Focuses on expansion of their territory, similar to the Advent Major Accomplishments:

Built a ship larger than any other of the 3 races to evacuate their population
Found ways to develop and successfully use organic technology in and as ships

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