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Crazy 2.95 for Rebellion v1.1
The download contents:

- Crazy 2.95
- Updated Readme (CrazyReadMe.pdf)
- EnabledMods.txt


- Unzip the file
- Take the mod folder to C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.1
- To activate the mod, go to "Options", "Mods", click on "Crazy 2.95 (Reb 1.1)", then activate the mod and click on "Apply Changes". Also you can copy the "EnabledMods.txt" into the folder "Mods-Rebellion v1.1" and activate it this way
- Enjoy!

Some general features:

- New flagships
- New planets
- New abilities
- New weapons
- New research
- Double research
- One secret new capital ship, deployed at some ship graveyards...
- Better graphics
- New music

Changes from the last version

- New ion cannon researches
- Fixed bug with the capture derelict ability of the Vasari Loyalists
- Over 15 new epic soundtracks!
- Many fixed crash bugs, maybe all!
- Balance Changes: F.e. more armor for the TEC and for the Advent, "Ignore Shields" research is more expensive
- Increased weapon range of the flagships
- Updated GalaxyScenario

I hope you enjoy this mod! If you've questions, ideas and if the mod crashes, write on the ModDB page.


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