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SoA 2 is a continuation, and tribute to the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. Much of the mods concept, and art came from SoA 1.

SoA 2 tells the story from your factions point of view about a non-canon "Second Dominion War" which escalates into an all out fight for survival when the Borg return in full force. You can control ether the United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire, The Dominion, or The Borg Collective. The lore from our back story is still a WIP, but gives you a gereral idea on the direction we are taking this mod.

Much hard work went into this mod. Many hours of our limited free time was spent to bring Star Trek into Sins of A Solar Empire, Entrenchment, Diplomacy, and Rebellion.

SoA 2 is still a work in progress, and probably will always remain a work in progress. Until ether Our interest, or Fan interest in the mod fades away. There are still models, weapons, abilitys, research, and factions that need to be added to and/or replaced. Many changes will come as time progresses.

Since ST: 2009 has effectively wiped out all that we knew from the prime universe we can make up our own story's, and lore. We can continue adventures in the prime TNG timeline without regard to this new "canon". In the "new canon" the TNG timeline as we knew it does not exist anymore. We are continuing the TNG timeline as if ST:2009 never existed. Not that it was a bad movie, it just "complicates" things too much to accept its events as canon. In the lore of the mod the year is 2388. That is an intentional disregard to the new "canon", the events of ST:2009 started in 2387. In this mod there was no great galactic supernova. No "Red Matter". Romulus, and Vulcan still very much exist. Nero is still perusing his life of "honest labor"...
At least until the Borg arrive.

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