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Posted on 09/23/2009 05:44
Points: 3
I just got here

Really Nice Game

MY favorite Game of Life.
9.6 perfect
Posted on 07/06/2009 02:44
Points: 73
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Soldiers heroes of ww2 review

This game has lots and lots of effects, many units, action, it is simply fantastic!! And the best thing is that it never gets boring! It is actually the best ww2 game I have ever played!
9.9 perfect
Posted on 12/26/2006 19:39

this game was pretty good, but i was past the requirements, but still it lagged alot. but otherwise good and definitly realistic "THE TANKS TREADS ARE BROKEN!!!! DAMMNIT!!!"
Posted on 10/14/2006 08:03
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Nothin more nothnig less is the best
9.9 perfect
Posted on 06/18/2006 16:27


this game rock, its soo real!! plays so well and is amazing for multiplay
9.6 perfect
Posted on 06/18/2006 07:39
Points: 9
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Entertaining Game

I got this game based upon a recommendation by someone on this sight. They said that it was a more realistic game similar to Rush for Berlin. I have enjoyed playing it and would like to say thanks for the tip. It was also a very low price. I think... Read More
8.5 superb
Posted on 05/15/2006 17:51
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I just got here


9.9 perfect