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Spacebase DF-9 HQ (PC)

In Spacebase DF-9, you'll build a home among the stars for a motley population of humans and aliens as they go about their daily lives. Mine asteroids, discover derelicts, and deal with the tribulations of galactic resettlement in Earth's distant future. Meteor impacts! Explosive decompression! Unbearable loneliness!

Available on: PC PC Rank: 1889 / 6,006  | Overall Rank: 2884 / 14,395

Game tags: Futuristic, Management, Science Fiction, City Builder

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Spacebase DF-9 Screenshot
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Tim Schafer responds to Spacebase DF-9 contoversy (5)
People are majorly not happy with Double Fine's handling of Spacebase DF-9, so company boss Tim Schafer has taken to the game's Steam Community page to answer questions.

It was announced last week that the space-based sim would be moving out of Early Access and into full 1.0 release in October, minus several features that fans were promised during production.
Posted: 22.09.2014 by nickhorth1
Spacebase DF-9 launches next month, Double Fine ceasi... (5)
Space is cold, hard and brutal - it wants to kill you. Spacebase DF-9 offers us the chance to try it out anyway, and will be leaving Early Access next month announces Double Fine.

Unfortunately it marks the end of any new content for the 'town builder' sim, with the team only focusing on bugs from then on. Instead they're releasing the lua code to the community.
Posted: 18.09.2014 by Technet2k
Spacebase DF-9 from Double Fine now at Alpha 6, has p... (2)
The Early Access title Spacebase DF-9 from developer Double Fine is now at Alpha 6, announces the small team behind it. In fact they're actually at Alpha 6b having released some hotfixes.

Those hotfixes targeted the new hot-under-the-collar citizens as anger is now a threat, with brawls liable to breakout. Thank goodness for brigs.
Posted: 05.09.2014 by Technet2k
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