Space Empires 4 Review (PC)

Space Empires 4 has the deepest gameplay Iv seen in any strategy game so far. You can control your empire in many, many different ways. There, you will be helped by your ministers whom you can place to controlled any aspect of the game you don't want to. For instance you can leave everything for your ministers to control, take command of the empire fleet and wage wars on the outer front while AI will take care for your colonies, research, politics and every other needed work. Game have tons of options and they are all well balanced.

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Another good thing is that you can customize your ships with numerous techs you'll discover and make a ship for anything you'll need, from plain scout ship, planet buster ship, fighter ship, star base ship, repair ship, shipbuilder to self-sufficient capital ships which wont need to resuply after few battles.

As mentioned, you have a bottomless research tree and in most cases you will finish the game before you research every tech. That's good, isn't it?

Every aspect of the game is rich and colorful and so is the diplomacy, where you have wide range of choices from which you can communicate with other races.

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Overall graphics in the game is pretty bad and I had a filling that I'm playing commodore 64 not PC. You can probably work in AutoCad and Corel Draw and at the same time play SE4.

Sound is also bad and it consist mostly of clicks and pops.

Space Empires 4 is a big step forward in strategy gaming. It will give you something that many strategy games tried and failed to give you. That is simple honest strategy experience. Many people are comparing it with "Imperium Galactica". IG is also a good game but its strongest side was the graphics, while gameplay was not very interesting. Yes, SE4 has very week graphics but I didn't noticed it after a few turns of playing the game.