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By Youri (SI Newbie) on May 02, 2008
Cheat Codes
Open the console while playing by pressing [~] (tilde) or['] then type any of the following cheat codes.

Note: Codes are CASE-SENSITIVE.

God: God Mode
BillGates: Add 100,000 Credits
RocketFiesta: Add 50 Rockets
GetCloakingDevice: Get Cloaking Device
GetTimeDevice: Get Time Device
By rodan1 (I just got here) on Jul 31, 2009
Think u'll get n e chts going 4 vista with I7 procs? I thought this was to good 2b tru n sho nuff u had to put that after NT don't use at the end!!! I guess there r some drawbacks to finally getin 2 put a good puter together, but I'll still take my new baby!! I7 920, 3.8Ghz, 12Gb RAM GTX 275 ..... eehaaah!!!