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In Space Noir, players take on the role of bounty hunter Hal Markham as he explores space, fights in white-knuckle combat both on- and off-world and captures intergalactic renegades with the help of his only companion, his ship's AI - Rhonda. Players journey across five worlds and play through over 35 intense missions, as Hal uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy and a mysterious person who could control the future of humanity.

Available on: PC PC Rank: 2402 / 5,980  | Overall Rank: 3216 / 14,369

Game tags: Futuristic, Flight, Third-Person, Science Fiction, Spaceship

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N-Fusion release gameplay walkthrough for Space Noir,... (0)
Space combat from N-Fusion is in the works as they unveiled Space Noir back in early March, and today the studio has released a gameplay walkthrough from devs Joe Parisi and Carissa Isolano.

They reveal the space game's combat encounters as well as their design concepts for Space Noir. We play bounty hunter Hal Markham, hunting down renegades with our ship's AI - Rhonda.
Posted: 07.04.2014 by Technet2k
N-Fusion developing Space Noir, a story-driven space ... (0)
United Games is publishing N-Fusion's space combat game Space Noir, which is 'Deus Ex: The Fall meets Air Mail', according to the duo, meaning it blends stealth action with acrobatic aerial flair.

It's narrative-driven game where we play as bounty hunter Hal Markham exploring space, fighting on and off world and capturing space renegades, all with the help of our AI Rhonda.
Posted: 10.03.2014 by Technet2k
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