Spore, review by Malthak

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Good Points:Innovative idea.The change between the first period of the monster and the space colonization is extremely interesting.Combines RTS ideas with RPG.The creation of vehicles,monsters and even building is absolutely amazing.

Bad Points:There isnt that RTS genre in the whole game at all.The fights are kind of boring while the space mode can be exciting but also a waste of time.In order to progress through space you have to win some medals but in order to win them you have to spend too much time on your pc practically doing nothing as special events which give you those medals rarely occure.There are also some very minor problems when you are trying to become friends with the other monsters.

Synopsis:The biggest drawback of this game is the space era.Extremely boring and without action.However,the game can really enjoy you and i am sure that you gonna love it.
Posted on 07/25/2009 03:48
8.1 superb