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What is BetterSpore?

BetterSpore is a community made mod which improves many aspects of Spore. There are many features in this mod all of which are optional. This is not a Maxis made mod, it is made by the community using SporeMaster, and will be used at your own risk, we describe later on how to minimize problems. We have extensively tested BetterSpore on a variety of spore gaming platforms, and we have reduced out many of the problems. Go to the Bugs page to see all the current know bugs, and to post new ones.



1.5 is a overhaul of the old BetterSpore with many new features, here are the highlights:
- 46 New Parts
- Over 20 new space tools
- Overhaul of the Creature and Space stages
- Changes to the Tribal and Civilization stage
- A complete GUI (Graphics User Interface) change
For more on these features download and read the Readme.

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