Stalingrad Interview (PC)

Si: Hi there from SI, can you please introduce yourself?
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Petr Prohorenko: Petr Prohorenko, Game designer and script writer of Stalingrad.
Si: Can you give a brief overview on Stalingrad for those who haven’t heard of the game?
Petr Prohorenko: Stalingrad is a military-historical real-time strategy which covers the whole period of the battle for Stalingrad paying as much attention to details as possible. We’ve concentrated our efforts on the battlefield engagement of the Red Army and Wehrmacht on the southern part of the East Front. And this distinguishes the game from many other WWII RTS projects. Our aim was to create an environment authentic to the maximum. So a player would feel himself as a WW II military leader.
Si: I understand Stalingrad uses the same engine the RTS game Blitzkrieg used, have there been any changes made to it?
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Petr Prohorenko: Yes, we have made changes to the Blitzkrieg engine. We have modified the game’s combat system. We haven’t changed the code drastically. First of all, those are changes in the balance and in the interface.
Si: It appears that Stalingrad will be quite historically accurate both in terms of missions and actual locations, how did you go about making Stalingrad historically accurate?
Petr Prohorenko: Stalingrad’s development requires serious work with archive materials. We looked through a lot of unique literature, visited historical archives and scanned the Internet in search of scarce information. But right now we can proudly say that DTF Games has achieved its goal and Stalingrad will be the game with an unexampled level of historic realism and authenticity. By the way, on the official game web site ( we make regular updates of materials, which weren’t included in the project. But this data and interesting information might be interesting for players and for people fond of WW II history.
Si: How is it intended to make Stalingrad stand apart from RTS games already out on the market?
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Petr Prohorenko: This is not a major problem. Moreover currently there are no games on the market that are like Stalingrad. When we started developing Stalingrad we knowingly aimed an unoccupied niche of a “documentary” game, which thoroughly and precisely reconstructs of the battles of WW II. Currently, just like when we started, we don’t have any direct competitors on the market. And the interest towards our project tells us, that we have made the right decision.
Si: Will Stalingrad feature a multiplayer mode? If so how many players can there be at a time?
Petr Prohorenko: We haven’t finally decided it yet. We don’t have any multiplayer currently. It is possible, that we release multiplayer and additional missions as an expansion pack. But it is too early to talk about it right now.
Si: How far along is Stalingrad in the development process? What is the planned release date?
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Petr Prohorenko: We have done about 80% of all planned development activities. Currently we’re implementing unique historic buildings, making sound recordings and editing videos. We plan to release Stalingrad in Russia, CIS and Baltic States in autumn 2004. As for the international release, we’re currently in the state of negotiations.
Si: What will the minimum requirements be for Stalingrad?
Petr Prohorenko: The same as for Blitzkrieg. From the viewpoint of technologies used in Stalingrad, these two games are very alike and despite the fact that buildings and units in Stalingrad have much more details, minimum system requirements are the same.
Si: What is your favorite thing about Stalingrad?
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Petr Prohorenko: It is hard for me as a game designer to answer this question. I like the idea itself. The idea to reconstruct this massive battle and I’m happy that I’m part of the team that’s working on it. I like the details first of all. For example, there is a crashed Messerschmitt Bf-109F-4, a plane of the squadron JG-3 ‘Udet’ headquarters. And the trick is that this plane was really there in reality, that day and that time, looking almost the same. We also have a German 128 mm self-propelled experimental gun Panzerselbstfahrlafette V “Sturer Emil”. There were only two of those built. It participated in the battle for Stalingrad. Nobody has this unit yet. :)
Si: Thanks for your time from SI, is there anything else you would like to add?
Petr Prohorenko: On behalf of developing team I would like to thank you for the interest in our project and would like to say that Stalingrad means not only historical authenticity and precise copies of historic buildings. It is also gameplay, and we want to make it as dynamic and exciting as possible.


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