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Author: nawheel

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Better accuracy in the weapons, better sounds on recharge and shoot, no zoom in iron sights and more...
copy and paste the gamedata folder in the directory of stalker Call of Pripyat but, i think , this version is compatible with Clear Sky too
Sorry for my fucking bad English xD.

List of ("ONLY MOST IMPORTANT") changes:

AK 74 the distance of efective shoot now is 500 m , the cadence of shoot are increased in 625 RPM and the weapon have more accuracy
AK 74u the weapon have more accuracy and the RPM are increaced to 700 RPM
the LR300 have more accuracy and the rate of fire now is 950 RPM , efective shoot distance now is 300 m
and same changes in other weapons ( the Rate of fire, and the efective shoot distance is the REAL VALOR OF THE WEAPON, i found it in wikipedia xD.

By Nawheel

Now in the 1.1 Version other restant weapons of the original game like
Sig 550
are modded or changed


Rate of fire now is 850 RPM
the efective distance is 400 M

Sig 550

i dont remember the changes but i modded it xD

FN 2000

i corrected the bug of the telescopic sight wihout zoom


iron sight wihout zoom

Wincheser 1300

Iron sight without zoom

now all assault rifles are modded
all pistol dont have zoom with iron sights and the sounds are better than the other version

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