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Call of Pripyat Variation Mod
Created by Darkenneko, Email @
Beta Version 0.8

0.1 - Release
0.2 - Added new variation to loners, & Monolith, Added meshes to Prefetch.
0.3 - Added two new skins for the staker suit, meaning 8 new meshes total
0.4 - Fixed up Icons for Stalkers and added new icons. New Backpack bump mapping. New Merc Seva variation with Icon, rearranged the Loner structure.
Edited Lurk Skin changing the gas canisters on the back.
0.5 (Big) - Re-rearanged Loner Structure, rearanged Bandit Structure, Fixed Zombified Stalker to Backpack Skin mix up. Added two new mask, ten meshes all together,
to the loners, added 3 new portraits, Included some nice bump mapping from certain mods and people, all credits to them.
0.6 (Big) - Fixed a few minor things about some skins, Reconstructed the Entire Bandit Structure to introduce the brande new trench coats. Added 3 new Duty Skins,
reintroduced the Freedom Seva Suit, Fixed the Bandit Masked Meshes.
0.61 Bug Fix - Fixed a Crash related to a non-exsistant Bandt1c Mesh.
0.7 - Included Optional(s), only one for now but more will come hopefully. Fixed the !Fallback to default bumpmap: bug, Three new Freedom Skins, Bandit Skin, Monolith Skin.
Fixed voices for the loners.
0.8 - Added new Freedom Exo Skin, Fixed/Changed Russian Camo Stalker skin, Fixed Missing portraits, thanks a ton Decane! (On GSC Forums), Fixed Missing Monolith Skin, Thanks rzucchini.

GSC - Creating Such a wonderful Universe.
Brown Stalker Suit (Edited, Credits to the LURK Team)
Russian Camo Stalker Suit (Edited, Credits to Boriskas on FPSBANANA)
Amateur Stalkers Skins (Fixed Hands, Credits to ?â�Lô®êS 9 on FPSBANANA and KnifeInFace on Stalker Files & soundpaths on Stalker Files & GSC)
Amateur Bandit Skin (Fixed Hands, Credits to KnifeInFace on Stalker Files)
New Bandit Level 2 Variation (Credits to myself and others for pieces of the skins I used from them :D)
New Bandit Mesh (Credits to GSC)
Bandit Coat & Seva suit underneath (Credits to incheck 12)
Multiple Mercenary Skins (Credits to -=Grunt=- on FPSBANANA)
Zombie Skins (Credits to Original Authers and GSC For the models)
Monolith Skins (Credits to GSC And Siro's one ExoSkeleton Skin)
New Stalker Mesh (Credits to GSC, is actually Freedom Level 1 Mesh)
New Monolith Mesh (Credits to GSC, same as above.)
Flecktern & Drab Stalker skins (Credits to S.T.uE., on FPSBanana)
Duty skin, & Duty Exo Skin (Edited Exo, Credits to LURK Team)
Another Duty Skin, Exo, and Seva, and anything else I forgot (Edited all but Exo, Credits to Siro)
Bandit Skin, Base Monolith Skin, (Credits to Priobi's Story Team)
Freedom Skins & Other Trench Coats & Lots of help :) (Credits to BuddieBBB)
Portrait Bugs (Decane, on the GSC Forums.)
Monolith skin Bug (rzucchini on Stalker File Front)

Credits to Anyone I Have forgotten!

If I Have forgotten anyone Email me! :D

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