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With the help of this add-on, you can:

1) During the game you can change the quantity of money with the main character.

2) During the game you can acceleratereduce the rate of change of game time.

3) At any time cause Emissions.

4) Alter the weather and stop her shift.

5) Instant move to any location at any point."

6) Put on the map: Single stalkersMonsters

7) Give the main character of ammunition, weapons, items, artifacts, armor, quest documents

8) Put on the map anomalies.

9) Put on the map the various dynamic objects: exploding barrels, wooden shelter, plates, helicopters and so on...

10) Enter into any groups ranging from Monsters and ending with the Monolith.

11) View all видеороликии of the game, including the full version of the ending with all the options.

12) Listen to the music from the game.

13) Teleport at coordinates (as well as to receive and save them)

14) Put on the map new squads (the stalkers): for example, you can settle on Zaton grouping of Debt or Freedom, add to it Monolith and they all will be under the influence of the simulation life to walk there.


1) you Can specify the distance at which will be appearing of new objects, starting from the main character and ending with the 100 meters in front of him.

2) To add to the map new group of stalkers, to teleport at any point, to come as close as possible to its center (by default, the main character appears in the center of it). Squad will be added in the near smart at the distance of 20 meters from the main hero of the

3) Sometimes when you try to view the video, it seems that the game freezes. This is not so, we should just wait a bit.

4) If you add a single (stalkers) in the game, in any case, do not press in a conversation with them on the button "That doing now?" The game will display an error message with the output of a Desk.

5) Single stalkers and monsters (not in units) do not move the person is offline. Enjoy the game and I apologize for the translation of the text.

Installation: unzip the archive and copy the folder gamedata in the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat with the modification of FERR-UM & SHOKER MOD agreeing to replace the file. Next, load the game - go to menu Esc button from the main menu press F1, a window in which choose all that is needed: ammunition, weapons, money and so on... Finish this procedure by clicking on the "Done". I think the deal will not be difficult to...

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