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New achievements:
Doctor Zone;
Monster Ripper;
Connoisseur area.
The game introduced part monsters (trophies):
Added cut the developers of the Monsters;
A system for lifting trophies (units) with the corpses of killed monsters;
NPC also remove trophies from slain monsters;
For instructions go to the hunters...
Dynamic trade:
Sych buys almost everything, but very cheap. Sells everything that used stalkers and bandits.
Hawaiian buys almost everything, but very cheap. Sold by all that use the group "duty" and "Freedom".
Herman is selling drugs and stuff. Purchases expensive arts and part of the monsters.
All NPC trade depending on the grouping and ranking.
Emulator thirst.
Every food product affects thirst.
Type 2 reusable thermos. Recharge can have Bartenders.
Dynamic anomalies:
Added about 1000 pieces in all locations;
NPC to avoid anomalies, the anomalies respond to NPC.
Anomalies change their location during the ejection.
Dynamic artifacts:
Extended module sleep:
Ability to sleep in a sleeping bag;
Now the hero gets tired and wants to sleep.
Added dreams. Total added 5 dreams.
Added probability of being robbed while sleeping.
Energetic acts as "anti-sleepy" medicine, first aid kits have a slight soporific effect.
Added a new point of sleep in a bunker scientists around Jupiter.
Added a new point of sleep on an old barge. You must first talk with Noah.
Dynamic personal box on Skadovsk:
Now a box need to rent a Beard.
In the absence of the box award for achievement are transmitted through Beard.
The longer you go to the beard of the reward, the more money he takes from you.
Dynamic News:
News of the death stalker.
News about the monsters. If a stalker saw monsters, he can report it.
Emissions from some probability zombiruet NPC.
Added level changers. Unfold as you progress through the game.
Added benefits from critical injuries.
Added ammo repacker.
Added new items:
2 dry-rations, beer.
"Notepad". Analog Magazine and the Encyclopedia of SoC.
Added new blood marks, blood now more.
The possibility of withdrawing money from corpses.
The possibility of removing armor and helmet with the corpses.
Suit spawns in each corpse and always correspond to visual.
The degree of wear suits on the body depends on the number and localization of injuries sustained during life nepisem.
After removing the suit, costs you a few seconds away, the corpse of "disguise" in his underwear.
Ability to use the guitar, harmonica and walkie-talkie.
Ability to lay caches.
The game added all the missing body armor and helmets.
All added armor can be improved.
NPC remove the armor and helmets with corpses and dress up:
When changing NPC in his stock spawns Armor, who was wearing it before, wear this Armor - also depending on the degree of "wear" nepisya, that is, if he was shot, it will spawn, and Armor respectively worn.
If nepis changed in update Armor, then at the next dressing or death NPC will spawn just such update Armor.
If the suit is "removable" hat, then when changing NPC is taken into account whether they have the right helmet, that is without the required helmet, he does not disguise, until he had no will.
In addition, nepisi wear masks.
New features of all weapons:
hit_power have all the weapons is "0.5" (ie 50%).
defeat regulated ammunition and not weapons.
the advantage of weapons is determined not by slaughter, and the opportunity for him to hang those or other add-ons, its rate, its weight and so on, all the knockdown now depends on the ammunition, not the weapons.
munitions vary in effectiveness, not only on slaughter, but also on penetration, and by the way how much power remains with bullets after it has broken some obstacle.
New sounds for all weapons.
New textures for all weapons.
Introduced light grenades.
Breakable bulbs. *


Change the frequency of surge (once every 18-60 hours).
Mechanics do not mend broken things badly.
Meals will not heal, and does not satisfy all.
Vodka gives temporary protection from the impact of psy.
Excessive use of energy affects the health of the hero.
Added a small roll of arms in the mode of sight.
After the withdrawal of troops from Pripyat, Uncle Yar no longer repairing all for free.
Translucent inventory.
Fixed errors in the texts of the game.
Halogen lamp.
Rebalanced weapons, demeydzh armor, monsters and anomalies.
Adjusted loss loot from dead stalkers.
Flags of various sizes on the detector "Svarog" (© HikeR).
Evaluation of the object marked on the map, only after you've been there.

* - works only with dynamic lighting.

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