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Scripted Engine Enhancements:

Optimized and enhanced A-life squad simulation
Optimized and revamped gulag job system
Optimized animation state manager
Optimized action schemes
Event and Callback managers
Many common functions have callbacks
Scripts can register for callbacks to make modulation easier
Event system can queue and execute functions when preconditions are met
Persistent table storage using marshal library
Only available if using Xetrill's lua.jit DLL
A Dynamic spawn system that gives the ability to spawn almost anything outside of the all.spawn
Uses Persistent table storage feature above
Debugging tools and expanded script functionality
Loads of new methods and functions available to other modders
New dialog manager that safeguards against dialog crashes
Support and functionality for dynamic level changers
Teleport logic and UI script that works like old level changer UI
Alternate logic for UI script that can detect compass artifact

AI Enhancements:

New Combat Enemy Evaluator
Optimized for efficiency
Based on memory time; no more infinite combat
Takes into account weather conditions
New Danger Object Evaluator
Optimized for efficiency
Fixes bugs with failure to recognize new danger
New scripted danger action planner
Stalkers react to corpses and bullet ricochets
Improved Help Wounded scheme
Stalkers help allies in combat
Improved Rulix Friendly Fire scheme
Stalkers avoid friendly fire more efficiently and effectively
Improved Rulix Grenade Launcher Attachment and Facer schemes
Some bug fixes to the popular schemes from AI Additions by Rulix
Stalkers get range bonus from looking into scoped weapons
Stalkers light campfires
Stalkers eat medkits and bandages when wounded
Improved Item Gather and Corpse Detection schemes
Stalkers efficiently detect and loot items/corpses
Stalkers now pick up anything and also use scanners to find artifacts
Stalkers loot mutants
New Kill Wounded Scheme
Stalkers can force NPCs to surrender
Stalkers aggressively finish off wounded enemies
Player can force wounded stalkers to surrender valuable information or stash coordinates
Removed restrictons on drinking/eating animations; Stalkers use these animations more frequently
Stalkers attach addons to weapons
Stalkers sprint during a surge or emission
New companion system with friendly stalkers

A-Life Enhancements:

Cut Mutants
Zombie, Fracture, Rat and Cat have been added to the game
Many new meshes and textures for existing mutants.
More variety of simulation squads will spawn
Revamped safe zones and no weapon zones
Squads now select highest priority target during an emission


Hundreds of lines of new dialog written by Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov
Integrated Atmosfear by Cromm Cruac
Integrated Close Captioning by TSL16-Bit
Integrated radio playlist system
Integrated Unofficial Patch 0.3 by Jurok
Mutant looting with a dozen new mutant items added
Equipment Repair system with UI
New release body manager
Optional Mechanic repair system
Toggable within Game tab of the Options Menu
It now takes time to get things repaired or upgraded.
Many, many bugfixes; Maybe even additional bugs!

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