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Author: save

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// S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky eng v1.01/rus v1.5.04 //
// CARRYMOD4 by save @ //

Carrymod enables more physical objects to be carried around.
Now you can carry canisters, boxes and more NPC:S. Perfect to
build cover with. Carrymod also make explosive items being
able to pickup and place in backpack. Stalkers now trade
explosives to. In friendly zones (no weapons allowed) explosives is
treated as physicobjects only. Some NPC:s have the habit
of collecting explosives and this will be revealed upon their death.
Explosives weigh your backpack down but are not highly expensive,
you will get them around 200-800ru each.


1. Place Carrymod-folder in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky rootfolder.

2. Run install.bat within this folder.
Choose your installationtype and press ENTER.
Firsttime user of Clear Sky mods must choose fsgame option (nr5).
If you have downloaded via Steam choose choice 6.

Note: Installation of new versions can be applied over old ones (regardless
what option was chosen in earlier version).


+Explosive visuals (improved the explosive visual)
+Fixed weightcarry
+Made fsgame.ltx steamcompatible
+A fix in the explosive encyclopedia

+Added inventorydescriptions to explosives (coded into encyclopedia)
+Lessen probability with explosives on dead NPC
+Fixed an error in installfile (choice 4)
+Fsgame.ltx export (for firsttime users of CS-mods)

+Added explosive items being able to pickup into backpack
+Explosives tradingintegration to all human NPC:s
+Deathspawn for explosives (optional)
+Added 9 more items into [ph_capture_visuals]
+Made actor stronger by 10 kilos

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