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Author: M!ch3L

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This is M!ch3l's mod for Stalker clear sky (v 0.2)

Copy Gamedata folder to your C:/programfiles/deepsilver/S.T.A.L.K.E.R........
Play !

Whats been moded : much higher damage you might want to play on tougher levels now

Note this is very very beta work.
This mode will be worked over in time to come. It is advisible to save your original data.
You will also need to put .ltx file into instalation folder. It moded to support this mod.
Current settings are very unbalanced and i am aware of that. Will mod it to more realistic

Moded By M!ch3L
Version : hm 0000000000.1 i presume. :D

Pozdrav ekipi sa pceksperta i pomozite mi u mukama sa balansiranjem oružja.

fixed from version 0.1
All weapons now seem more realistic, damage was reduced from first mod because made game
unbalanced. They are still much more powerfull than in the original game.
Also grenade now has little bigger area of effect.

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