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By Supernatur4L

Description: This removes the garbage cellar mugging so that you get to keep your money AND your equipment. If you would like to preserve the money only, you can try version 1.0a of this mod. Please note that the mission to get your stuff back is still there, I did not remove it in fear that it would cause problems with the story line. In order to clear it, just kill the 2 bandits and look in the box.

Installation instructions:

1. Extract the gamedata folder to the stalker root directory
-by default example: Program FilesGSC World PublishingS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky
-if you did not install it in program files extract to the appropriate folder
-the same folder that contains the fsgame.ltx
2. Right click fsgame.ltx file in the root directory >> Open with >> Choose program... >> Select the program from a list
and choose notepad.
3. Find the line "$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata" and change the false to a true and save the file
4. Launch the game and you will have Oblivion Lost mod accuracy for all weapons.

No new game required. If you're going to use this in your mod AND publish it, please give me credit for the fix. Thanks.

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