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:::::::::::::::: CLEAR SKY AMBIENT AUDIO OVERHAUL ::::::::::::::::::::
by: {imperialreign}

*Compatible with CS v1.5.05

The purpose of this mod is to and further enhance the ambience and
atmosphere of the zone by the addition of better quality, and more
realistic ambient audio files; and to tweak, adjust, and "fix" some (IMO)
irritating issues (i.e. overly loud sounds, annoying background audio,
hearing some audio from very far distances).

At the moment, this CS mod is pretty much a conversion of my SoC mod, and
is still in a very rough, beta form. More work to come, though.


v0.2b Features:

*additional and improved ambient sounds for all times of day
*adjusted playback distances and volumes
*adjusted occlusion scale
*removed some ambient sounds that detracted from the atmosphere, changed
tha amount of sounds played during certain times of day
*adjusted faction base radio sounds, no more hearing the bandit's radio,
or Duty's radio from insane distances
*replaced Duty's irritating megaphone announcements with those from SoC
*replaced anomaly sounds with those from SoC AAO and SO mods, notably
whirligig, vortex and springboard, electro and burner sounds
*new Main Menu theme music
*replaced all footstep audio, no more equipment jingle (detracted from
"stealth," IMO)
*extended time period between ambient sounds for nighttime, mornings -
nighttime is now very quiet and still


much more in the works - just looking to start getting feedback early!


>> For 1.5.05:

*Back up your current gamedata file (just incase something gets screwed up)!

*Go into the
folder and copy the folder to your CS directory,
overwriting any files.

*Open the fsgame.ltx file in your CS directory, change both values following
the &gamedata& line to TRUE

>> Optional:

*********This is an entirelly optional step not necessary for this mod to work!

****Make a backup of the directory in your main CS folder!!!!!!! If you
don't make a backup, and these files don't work right, you will lose all
audio and end up having to reinstall!

****You've been warned!

*In the folder, copy both files into the folder of your CS

NOTE: These are the most current versions of eax.dll and wrap_oal.dll I
could get my hands on. I did not include the most current version
of OpenAL32.dll, as I could not get SoC to accept it.


*base sounds for whirligig, gravi, vortex anomalies, gunfire and a few ambient
sounds from:

Darius6 - SoC Sound Overhaul mod v1.07

*all other base sounds obtained from various legitimate and free sources around
the internet - much thanks to the many audiophiles out there willing to
make their recordings free to the public!

*all the stalkers over at the ZSG forums and TPU for putting up with my antics
and pestering for playtesters!

*any other users who I might've forgotten, or accidentally overlooked - please
let me know so I can credit you here as well!


If you have any questions concerning compatibility of this mod with, address
them through me.

Feel free to include this mod, or any part of it, in your own mod - just make
sure to give credit for it!

If you'd like to provide feedback, recommendations, requests, or if you have any
questions concerning audio hardware and software in general, or whatever, I
can be dug out from the shadows at the following message boards:

learn something about general audio:

any Creative X-Fi related questions or issues, fire 'em here:

I use and recommend the following audio manipulation programs:

Sony SoundForge 9c (and earlier Sonic Foundry versions)
Creative WaveStudio 7.10

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