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mod STALKER_CS_Reality 1.4_v1.5.04 from LordPaladin
Tested on Russian "Stalker Clear Sky" Version 1.5.04;12016850;;/

mod STALKER_CS_Reality 1.4_v1.5.05 from LordPaladin
Tested on Russian "Stalker Clear Sky" Version 1.5.05;12016851;;/

English translation by Don Reba

[*]Enemy bleeding is enabled — now damage looks more realistic. With these settings headshots from all weapons are lethal. Wounds in other parts of the body look funny. Sometimes an enemy just raises the weapon to fire off a few rounds, and falls dead. Sometimes he runs a few meters, not being able to run far with a bullet in his leg. That is, NPC behavior is sufficienctly random.
[*]Increased accuracy and power for all firearms. Decreased detonation time for grenades.
Raised accuracy of PKM, decreased feedback, changed cooldown time. Now, if the machine gun is fully upgraded, it becomes a less useless scrap of metal than it used to be.
Removed jamming from all weapons.
[*]Returned iron sights for all pistols, as it was in Shadow of Chernobyl.
Fixed iron sights on all guns in which bullets flew too high: LR300, VAL, and Sig-550.
[*]Enabled moving iron sights. Now, to make a series of precise shots, you have to press Shift, then aim with right click. If you fail to do this, the aim will move. This is most noticeable in sniper rifles. If you need the most precision, you need to low-crouch with Ctrl+Shift, then aim.
Without moving, there is no point in crouching to make precise shots. The game is more of an arcade without this.
[*]Sight bar size has been reduced.
[*]The avatar's height has been increased slightly, the maximum carrying capacity has been increased to 80 kg. This is the weight with which one can move at all. The weight under which you can run without tiring too much has remained at 50 kg.
[*]The radius in which object names are shown has been increased to 10 m. To see objects, you have to press and hold button "F".
[*]Slightly tuned settings on the machine gunner on Cordone, since his sniper accuracy really got to me.
[*]Added ability to add suppressors to several pistols.
[*]You can now run with the SVD, RG-6, and the machine gun.
[*]Fixed tracers. Now they do not looks so god-awful.
Disabled tracers for SVD, SVU, VAL, Vintorez, pistol rounds, and 12-caliber.
Now only 5.45x39, 5.56x45, and machine gun bullets have tracers.
[*]Disabled flash for Vintorez, VAL, and PB (pistol with the integrated suppressor). Now only slight smoke appears after shooting, like for shots with a suppressor.

Installation: unpack folder "GameData" into the game folder

Returned iron sights for all pistols, as it was in Shadow of Chernobyl.

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