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Author: Chromatik

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Endgame: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky by Chromatik Version 1.08


Endgame is the way I like to play and it gives a more traditional shooter feel while leaving other
aspects intact. Some mutants are easier to bring down (more realistic). Aiming is significantly
better (not as realistic). Enemies no longer spot you from across the map, and sneaking up on
them is easier, They also have the same limits of sight in darkness as you (human AI only).
Weapon damages have been increased significantly to the point of overkill. Do not run in like
Rambo, you will die very quickly.

Again this is the way I like to play. I made an Endgame mod for
other games including Shadow of Chernobyl, but this is the first one I'm sharing with others.
If this does not suit your play style feel free to tweak it to your liking (or use something else.)

I enjoy the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games immensely, The immersion and gameplay are
what I've been looking for in a shooter for very long time. That said I never liked
the fact that you had to wait 5 minutes for your crosshair to focus while enemies
with perfect aim hit you with a sawed off shotgun from a mile away. I also had serious issues
with the fact that I had to empty a whole clip of ammo into one Bloodsucker/ pseudo dog
etc just to bring it down.

At the end of the day, mutant yes, but its still flesh and bone, and no amount of radiation
grants armor plating to an animal. :p.


Version: 1.08

Compatibility: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky v 1.5.05

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * IMPORTANT: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If you used Endgame 1.07 you will need to either start a new game or use a save file that was not loaded/ saved while using version 1.07.
This is irritating but unavoidable as the new items are part of the save. If they are missing when the save game is loaded the game will crash.



1.08 Change List

* Removed SIM New Items Mod due to user issues (may add a revised version later)
* Reduced inventory weight to 100
* Tweaked detectors to make acquiring a new detector even more rewarding
* Increased Bloodsucker base health (still not what it was in vanilla SOC/ CS)
* Added the ability for Clear Sky Trader to upgrade more weapons (just about all of them actually, he's cool like that)
* Reduced base weapon accuracy further to allow upgrades to be more substantial
* Increased range of Toz a bit further but increased spread for balance

1.07 Change List

* Added Trader tweaks. This does not make every trader have every item. The values simply add availability for more items. Prices unchanged due to high carry weight ;) - This is still a work in progress
* Added Hunger Mod with some slight tweaks (Credit to Ceano for the example on how to implement)
* Added Hades Real Gore mod with some slight tweaks (Credit to Hades and thanks to m0r3g0r3 for converting it from SOC)
* Added Monster Hunter mod with some tweaks to pricing (Credit to Ceano)
* Added Nightvision Upgrade Fix (Credit to Strikor)
* Added Alternative Weapons Spawns from the S.I.M. mod
* Added S.I.M. New Items Mod (Credit to taylorsd and the respective contributors of S.I.M.) Removed some retextures, cleaned up some alphas, and adjusted pricing
* Added Vintorez Upgrade (Credit to Ceano) my Vintorez already had its mag size raised so no changes to the weapon.
* Added 9x39sp5 ammo for Vintorez, Clear Sky Trader will sell this as well
* Added AS VAL / VSS Vintorez Retexture by by Hans "Millenia" Palm
* Reduced base weapon accuracy from previous versions 'slightly' to allow upgrades to be a bit more viable.
* Increased damage and radius for all grenade types (both thrown and launched). They are pretty lethal now. If you see an indicator, get to cover quickly :)
* Increased Grenade Launcher attachment projectile velocity by 33%
* Changed NPC collision to minimize them pushing you all over the place and bring some effectiveness back to the knife.
* Changed game timescale to 50% slower (5x instead of 10 x)
* Enhanced all detectors to have higher detection step values (+ 2 steps for all)
* Fixed Sig 550 issue when joining Freedom faction (Thanks Ka-Oz) - Please test to verify as I have not been able to get this far yet with all of the other testing
* Removed Script Fixes (by EyesOfARaven) - Let me know if I need to re-add it, have not had any issues yet though.
* Removed Freedom Mechanic Fix (by Isilidur) - This is apparently fixed in 1.5.05. Let me know if I need to re-add it
* Removed Clear Sky Invulnerable Trader (by Satry) - Let me know if I need to re-add it, have not had any issues yet though.

1.06 Change List

* Fixed issue with health regenerating too fast (Credit to zemegauser)
* Further tweaks/fixes to Stalker perception. You can now sneak up on enemies at night to a better degree
* Changed starting loadout, my tweaked Toz instead of the sawed off weaksauce + 1 extra antirad for those second chance issues (Toz is a killer now, watch out)
* Changed simple detector to detect artifacts in 5 steps instead of 3 ala Easy Start+Detector (Credit to m0r3g0r3 as I used his as an example)
* Some weapons slightly tweaked. Example: Abakan and AK74 were too accurate, Toz was too weak, increased range and speed on Vintorez, lowered on Val etc
* Raised health "slightly" on certain mutants from previous version
* New Desert Eagle sound. The standard seemed watered down. Now uses the Sig 550 shot. Single shot and different ROF so they aren't too similar
* Added Better Artifacts mod (Credit to Strikor)
* Added Freedom Mechanic Fix (Credit to Isilidur)
* Added All NPC Trade Fix, All Stalkers will buy ALL of your stuff now, not just Traders (Credit to Supernatur4L)

1.05 Change List

* Fixed bug in m_stalker.ltx where enemies would not fire on you
* Added tweaks for zombie awareness
* Removed weapon restriction in faction bases. (credit to m0r3g0r3 from the Easy Start mod)
* Changed Flashlight to mirror OL 2.2. but gave slightly more range
* Implemented Script Fixes by EyesOfARaven to help mitigate CTD errors (I could not continue past Lemansk and this resolved for me and many others), For more
info go to his thread at:

1.0 Feature List:

* Removed modifiers for accuracy of player
* Raised all weapon damages significantly as well as accuracy except for grenades and mounted
* Allowed some weapons to have the ability to use additional attachments
* Real weapon names (Credit to Clay65 from the Real Weapon Names for Clear Sky ENG ITA mod, the ENG files are included here unmodified by me)
* Increased range of flashlight to 20 instead of 13, narrowed cone angle slightly
* Reduced health for certain mutants: Bloodsucker, Pseudo dog, Dog, Flesh, Rat, Snork
* Increased weight limit to 300/350 instead of 50/60 (selling more in one trip, I can carry a wider selection now if I want. Don't use or change if you don't like)
* Tweaked player run, crouch, jump etc (credit to m0r3g0r3 from the Easy Start mod. I just duplicated the values)



If not already done so, change your "fsgame.ltx" from:
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata
to this:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

2: Remove any previous versions of Endgame

Drag the game data folder from the archive into the root of your Stalker: Clear Sky directory

4: Play Stalker: Clear Sky


You are not allowed to use any part of this mod without express written permission from me (on paper) and a note signed by your mom letting me know you are
old enough to play mature video games...

I modified the original game files and borrowed from others awesome work. At this point so far feel free to use as you see fit. Just please give credit where credit
is due as I try to do the same. Also if you use any parts of the mods made by others that I have included here, please give them the credit.

Good communities keep good games going.

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