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Author: zoust

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Sorry for my bad english

Something I find with an automatic translation of a russian site. This mod let you spawn some vehicles from the main menu. It is for the v1.5.0.3 of Clear Sky, but works on my russian version. Not tested on other version.

Edit the line in the file FSGAME.LTX from this:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

to this:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Unpack the "gamedata" folder from the archive in your main folder (where you found fsgame.ltx)
Begin a new game, then press ESC to open the main Menu. Then Press F1 ; you are now back in game and have to press a key betwenn 1 and 7 in the numpad :

Numpad 1) spawn a btr
Numpad 2) spawn a kamaz
Numpad 3) spawn a niva
Numpad 4) spawn a niva in another color
Numpad 5) spawn a tr13
Numpad 6) spawn an uaz
Numpad 7) spawn an uaz in another color

The vehicles should spawn instantly.
Open the door with the action key (default is "F") and turn engine on by pressing the detector key (default is "O" I think). Do not expect high resistance from the vehicles... I also recommand to add these 3 lines to your user.ltx

bind cam_1 kF1
bind cam_2 kF2
bind cam_3 kF3

This will sometimes help you (change view during game F1 is default view).

Thanks to the russian forum that put this on the web, sorry can not remember where it was.

The Helios Spawn Menu is included without any change, so thanks to Helios (sorry for not asking your permission : just tell me if there is a problem)

The time factor changer from main menu is unchanged too, except for keybinding (F2 to F5)

Fixed CTD : The Stalker will now correctly spawn (Key "S"), sorry for mistake.


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