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Author: JacoX

Readme File:
Mod to increase image quality and graphics in Stalker: Clear sky, using several texture mods that have impact on IQ on almost every surface.
Also a new lighting mod is available allowing to get 24/7 god´s ray, better shadows and more spectacular thunderstorms.

This mod is basically a compilation of the following mods, and therefore all credits are to their original creators:


S.H.A.R.P.E.R. - FULL version - 832 textures! By Skeleton;94212

Basix GFXm-CS (2.0);95188

Graphics Pack (Clear Sky) (v.1.0);95317

NeilMc_Terrain_Pack' v1.0.;94510

I did a lot of switching between mods so if i have missed any mod authoring please let me now.

I also added 24/7 god rays from a mod that i do not know the original creator, since it also has been changed and tweaked for a while.
Anyway the credits are for those who created and worked on it, with a special thanks to deathvirus_me from Techpowerup forums for is great help and patience.

Issues: It has some impact on performance so make sure you have at least an 4850 to get all the benefits.
Also i´m joining my user.lxt file that has some tweaks made especially regarding light/shadows issues.

This is my first "mod" and it runs and looks great for me. If it doesn't for you feel free to tweak/mod it at you taste or just don´t use it:)

Installation is just like any CS mod.Just copy the gamedata folder.

Compatibility: It should work ok with other mods but i did not test it.

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