Mod: Basix Monstrosity CS 2.5
This mod from natasha8384 adds monsters that were cut out from SoC, makes vehicles drivable , and bundles 3 separate mods. See File Details.
  File Name:     Author: Admin
  File Size: 152.97 MB   Files Added: 11,450
  Downloads: 6,609 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 18,973,954 (26,224 last week)
  Posted: 24.11.2008   Supporters: n/a
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By Mimiick (I just got here) on Feb 02, 2009
hows it going mate, um i got a error wen i tried to install this mod, it says "the file 'fsgame.ltx' is corrupted (it contains duplicate line). please reinstall youre game to fix this problem" do you know how to fix this?
By methos (I just got here) on Apr 01, 2009
thanks for your work. are friendly squads ever going to spawn in the swamps or are you meant to kill all the bandits alone?
By spadesghost (I just got here) on Apr 28, 2011
TERRIBLE mod. game breaking bug where 20 monsters (2 burers, 2 bloodsuckers, 3 cats, ALL the blind dogs, and a few zombies.) spawn WITH digger messenger, killing him, thus breaking the dark valley quest.
also incompatible with helios spawn npc mod, so no way to workaround. also encountered an instance of the guide to cordon sitting stationary in a field, surrounded by cats and zombies, thus breaking the "go to the cordon with the guide" quest. a reload fixxed that issue, but the first is simply inexcusable. there is NO way anyone completed testing of this under vista as stated. for the record i had a patched to date vanilla install, then used smartmodmanager to install this. looks nice, plays nice, then breaks itself. good luck.
By spadesghost (I just got here) on Jun 01, 2011
ok, made a mistake here. the game doesn't actually break, you can retrieve the info off diggers corpse after killing the 20 or so monsters. HOWEVER this negates the ability to buy stash locations off the most valuable npc in the game for them. so it's still a bad mod. theres literally no way in hell to save the guy.