Mod: Weapon Fixes 1.01
This mod from brian burg makes various changes to weapon characteristics.
  File Name: weapon_fixes_and_adjustments.rar     Author: Admin
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  Posted: 15.12.2008   Supporters: n/a
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By burger (I just got here) on Dec 17, 2008
Hi. This mod fixes various things.
-It gets rid of the annoying weapons idle reload animation (no more standing still for 5 seconds and your weapon going up in the air and reloading)
-increased grenade launcher velocities to about shoc value (shoot almost as far as you can see) on attachable grenade launchers, bulldog 6 and fn2000/groza
-increased weapon power and accuracy (you can still upgrade your rifles and shotguns)
-all weapons that can accept scopes and grenade launcher attachments will without upgrading (includes gp36, il86)
-can run with all weapons except rpg7 (because it causes ctd)
-upped the grenade launcher grenade damage a bit
-nondegrading weapons and nonjamming weapons (or very very very little)
-also restored groza,fn2000,vintorez to about shoc value (recoil,power,accuracy)
-removed tracers
-increased groza,val,vitorez muzzle velocities to a more real world value