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Author: BosnisHazard

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BosnisHazardīs LR-300 Camo Skin Pack<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Iīm back!
Well after a long break I decided to make some new skins,and after 2 weeks I˝m finaly done.This time I bring you a whole bunch of CAMO skins for the Z-M LR-300,one of my favorites after the SiG of curse.Included are 6 skins :

- desert camo
- digital camo
- urban camo
- snow camo
- woodland camo (1)
- woodland camo (2)

Some of them are maybe out of place, but the two woodland skins are especially made for the STALKERīs out there.


Chose one skin and copy the ˝˝ file in the gamedata/textures/wpn folder.If the folders dosnīt exsist,create them.

For uninstallation just delete the ˝˝.

As always you can use the skins for your mods or reskins,just give some credit.


BosnisHazard (

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