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Author: Strelok4556

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This is my first try of processing picture so i want ur opinions...Besides uniforms u get a LR 300 digital skin similar to CoD 4.Enjoy and thanks for downloading!!!

This is readme txt for this mod...It's called:A USMC camo pack for CS
It changes theme of clear sky fraction.Now it is digital camo...Marines today use this camo for weapons and clothes...
Now every 1 in clear sky fraction will have a digital clothes...Hope u'll like it!!!thanx for downloading!!!

Install:just copy gamedata folder in ur main clear sky directory.If this is ur first mod then copy over ltx...copy and replace that file which is included in mod!!!

Compabilaty:compatiable with all versions,tested on 1.5.04...99% will work on other versions...also compatable with all other mods who don't change clear sky texture.

optional:this folder contain gamedata folder with LR 300 reskin...just copy gamedata folder over previous'll ask you do you want to merge folowing folders and click:yes...install complete,all over in 10 sec...

All credits are going to me

ur Strelok 4556: credit me...but allways ASK...on filefront just find me and send E-mail

thank u

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