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Author: rgggclp

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Clear Sky - Faction Commander Mod 2.5

This project consumes our huge time and energies, we need your help to fund this project and keep it going. You could donate this project via PayPal, our PayPal account is, thank you in advance.

Developers Team
Project initiator and leader: Chen Lin Peng aka rgggclp
Member: Robert Stasiak aka xtyro

Brief introduction
Faction commander is a powerful mod that allows you to dictate orders that your faction follows.
The command system is composed of six commands which include Default, Assemble, Expansion, Cancel, Attack, and Defend command.
You could choose the action magnitude of a command.
Non-player factions also have their commanders who use artificial intelligence and could make counteractions to their enemy.
You could choose four levels of artificial intelligence, they are Disable, Normal, Hard and Insane.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Clear Sky - Patch 1.5.05 or 1.5.07
You don't have to start a new game.

Details of functions
1. How to use this mod?
To bring about the user interface, Press ESC when you're in game, then press F2.

2. Command System
Default: Nothing will happen.
Cancel: The faction's squads would cancel their current action and wait for orders.
Expansion: The faction's squads would extend their influence aggressively. They could attack and capture important territories such as respawn points and resource points.
Assemble: The faction's squads would come to the position where the player stands.
Attack: The faction's squads would attack the positions which are the current targets of the faction war. They would attack the next points after the capture.
Defend: The faction's squads would defend the positions which are the previous targets of the faction war.
Magnitude: It represents the percentage of the squads which participate in an action. It supplants the "action code" of version 1.x of FC. For example, setting "action magnitude" to 100 is equal to setting "action code" to red when you use older version of FC.
(Note: Command System is valid only after you join a faction. It only has effect on the faction's squads which don't have "scripted target", and it doesn't affect "Commander Assistants".)

3. NPF( Non-Player Faction ) - AI( Artificial Intelligence ) System
The task-based, territories-driven AI System makes the game more real, dynamic, interesting and challenging.
Currently the NPF-AI system defines 9 tasks which could be executed in any order. The AI system also supports multi-tasking which means there could be any number of tasks of any kind being executed at the same time.
* Protecting Base: when NPF's base is besieged, it would order squads to retreat to defend the base.
* Defensive Task: when the important territories of NPF are under attack, it would send squads there to repel the attacks.
* Chasing Player: When the player is spotted on the level of his enemy's base. His enemy might send squads after him constantly.
* Escorting player: When the player is on the level of his friendly NPF's base, the NPF would send squads to escort him.
* Redemption of Allied Factions: When a NPF is defeated( its base is captured by its enemies ), its allied faction, if there's any, would send squads to help it to recapture its base.
* Offensive Task: When a NPF acheives supriority, it would send squads to conquer its enemies.
* Victory: When a NPF's enemy is defeated, it would order all of its squads to return to its base, thus sparing more territories for other factions.
* Increasing Influence: This task is similar to the "Expansion" command.
* Repelling task: This task is used to repel the NPF's enemies on the NPF's private territories. It would enhance the NPF's defensive ability greatly.
The tasks system are very flexible and extensible. New class of task could be defined and added to the AI system very easily.
And with the territories-driven AI system, the NPFs' purporses are clear --- to capture the territories which they deem important.
In previous version, every NPF takes only one enemy faction into account, as is fixed and inflexible. Now their AI is much better and their tactics have been improved since they now can recognize their enemies which should be dealt with most priorly.

4. NPF-AI Profiles
The profiles of the NPF-AI make the NPFs' behaviors more varying. Currently I have defined the following profiles for NPF-AI.
* Aggresive: The faction is inclined to offend its enemies.
* Defensive: The faction is inclined to defend its enemies.
* Cruel: The faction is reluctant to help its alliances.
* Aiding: The faction is willing to give its alliances a hand.
* Expansive: The faction is very active in taking territories.
* Player Hunter: The faction has feud with the player. It would never get tired of chasing the player.
* Player Guardian: The faction will execute the task of escorting player priorly.

5. AI Commission Mode
If you got tired of the command system, you could enable this "AI Commission Mode" to let the NPF-AI system manage your squads.
Although the NPF-AI system is, of course, not as clever as the human player, it's more effective than the player since it can execute multiple tasks simultaneously.

6. Intelligence
You could view the respawn points, resource points and the important territories of the current level.
(Note: This function is valid only after you join a faction.)

7. Spawn Squad
You could buy a squad of your faction which would be spawned near you.
(Note: This function is valid only after you join a faction.)

8. Commander Assistants System
You could buy a unique assistant squad whose price depends on your rank.
Through dialogs with the assistants you could order your faction to pinpoint the targets that you wish to attack or defend. (initiate an attack or a defence)
Every commander assistant specializes in some skills, e.g storage, guide, trader, medic, mechanic and negotiation.
Assistant trader can bribe the leader of a hostile faction to make the faction neutral to you.
Assistants are spawned only with pistols initially, you should equip them with weapons which are of your choices, and don't forget to give them ammo(one box is enough).
You could equip assistants or store loots in assistants' inventory through the trade dialog.
Assistants could be revived when they are dead, reviving costs money and the expense is relating to your rank.
Assistants could be upgraded to advanced assistants through spawn menu when your rank raises to veteran.
Assistants will always adjust their faction to yours. So you don't have to worry about whether the assistants are "loyal" to you.
Assistants are immune to explosive damage, as prevents them from killing themselves accidentally when they are equipped with rpg-7 or bulldog.
Assistants would use medkits in their inventories to regain their health when they are injured heavily.
You could order the assistants to move to your location by the "recall" button in the spawn menu.
The path-finding system could issue warnings when it detects any smart-terrain in the assistants' path to their destination is unavailable( locked ) or full of squads.
To unlock the unavailable smart-terrain, you must complete the story-line quests relating to the locked smart-terrain.
You could dismiss the assistants by the "kill" button in the spawn menu.
(Note: Commander Assistants System is valid only after you join a faction.)

9. Abosolute Faction War Mode
-In the begining of the game, you have the options of proceeding in the story-line quests or playing the absolute faction war which excludes all the story-line quests and side quests.
-If you choosed playing story-line quests, you could proceed in the story normally.
-If you choosed playing the absolute faction war, then:
You could select which faction you would like play. After selecting you would receive different equipments whose varieties depends on the faction you selected. Then you would be teleported to the base of the faction you selected.
Adding five different scenarios for all the playable factions. When you conquered your enemy faction, the additional quests are open to you. And special rewards would be offered to you if the additional quests are fulfilled.
Stalker: capture the military base in Cordon. Rewards: rare artifacts and money.
Bandit: eliminate the mutants and control all of the important territories in Red Forest. Rewards: rare artifacts and money.
Freedom: eliminate the enemies and regain control of their secondary base in Army Warehouse. eliminate the Monolith in the wood. Rewards: rare artifacts and money.
Duty: eliminate the zombies and control all of the important territories in Yantar. Rewards: rare artifacts and money.
Csky: eliminate the military squads in Limansk. Rewards: FN2000 rifle and money.

10. New playable factions
They are Military and Monolith factions which have full functional base and distinctive objectives that they pursue.
Best thanks to xtyro who designs the base, NPCs, squads, dialogs and quests of the two new factions.
We encourage modders to design their own faction war scenarios based on Faction Commander Mod.
Note: You can play the new factions only in the Abosolute Faction War Mode.

11. Add 24 new classes of upgraded weapons which are carried by NPCs, revamp and rebalance the NPC profiles of all the factions.
If you are familiar with the mechanic of faction war of Clear Sky, you would know that the qualities of armors and weapons of a faction’s NPCs are going to be better once they capture more resource points. In Faction Commander Mod, the weapons carried by NPCs could be classified into five categories which are sorted by the weapons’ efficiency:
Class1: two-barrel shotgun with shot rounds, pistol.
Class2: mp5, ak74/2u, chaser13 with shot rounds
Class3: upgraded mp5 with piercing ammo, upgraded ak74/2u with piercing ammo, IL86, ak74/2, upgraded chaser13 with slug rounds
Class4: scoped ak74/2 with piercing ammo, scoped AC96/2 with piercing ammo, IL86 with piercing ammo, scoped SGI 5k with piercing ammo, scoped TRS 301 with piercing ammo, upgraded SPSA with dart rounds, Vintar BC with piercing ammo
Class5: upgraded ak74/2 with piercing ammo, upgraded AC96/2 with piercing ammo, upgraded IL86 with piercing ammo, upgraded SGI 5k with piercing ammo, upgraded TRS 301 with piercing ammo, scoped Avalanche with piercing ammo, svd, svu
Class6: upgraded ak74/2 with piercing ammo and grenade launcher, upgraded AC96/2 with piercing ammo and grenade launcher, upgraded IL86 with piercing ammo and grenade launcher, upgraded SGI 5k with piercing ammo and grenade launcher, upgraded TRS 301 with piercing ammo and grenade launcher, upgraded Vintar BC with piercing ammo, upgraded Tunder with piercing ammo, upgraded Avalanche with piercing ammo, upgraded svd, PKM
Normally, the weapon class of a faction’s NPCs starts from “class1”. However, the classes of some strong factions, such as Duty, Freedom, Army and Monolith, starts from “class2”. As a faction captures a new resource point, the faction’s weapon class usually advances 1 point, and so on. The weapon class determines the weapons carried by the newest spawned NPCs of a faction.
Note: Freedomers only use NATO weapons, Army and Dutier only use Russian weapons.

Copy the archive to the folder where you install the game, and extract it to the folder.
If you haven't modified the fsgame.ltx before, you have to change
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata to
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Recommended mods
The following mods I listed would greatly enhance your game experience with Faction Commander.
PDA Maps with Point Names - Map-Pack (v1.2) by Lux aka LuxZg;95301

Copyright Declaration
All rights of Faction Commander Mod are reserved by the developers team of this mod.
Please read the EULA if you want to copy, modify or redistribute this mod.
You could contact the author at
Copyright (c) 2008-2009

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